Luckiest Star Signs for Winning the Lottery

astrology update eraoflightdotcomLet’s accept it, a good number of us have dreamt about winning a massive amount of money, so as to kiss financial problems goodbye. With hundreds of companies dangling millions of dollars through different jackpots online, the idea of bagging the money entices fans from all over the world to start visiting astrology sites to gauge their chances of winning.

To an extent, these sites give an idea of what the next winning numbers will be depending on your star.

Now, regardless of how aggressive you may want to win the lottery, odds of that becoming a reality are naturally very low. Though not easy, it’s not impossible. Lucky stars are reasonable indications that you may be lucky and have a slight chance of winning.

Though it’s a gamble, it doesn’t hurt to try. You never know when your time will come. Read on to find out more about the luckiest star signs of winning the lottery;


Individuals with this sign are usually fortunate. They always attract luck regardless of what they do and believe that everything works in their favor. Similarly, they are also fun, loving, and have a positive mindset. So if you belong to this star sign, try your luck. You never know, when millions will come knocking!


Another star among the star signs most likely to win the lottery is Pisces. People with the duo sign tend to have a productive interaction between inner wisdom, insight, and sensitivity. All these qualities are very effective at attracting good luck.


With Aries, luck comes in phases. Though you may experience a few streaks of bad luck here and there, they are usually followed by streaks of success. Also, keep in mind that you cannot control everything, so don’t worry about your unnecessary issues.
Instead, focus on planting seeds of prosperity for a happier future, like purchasing a mega-million lottery ticket and more. You never know it may be what will change your fortunes forever.


Life has something big waiting in the near future. This may make you feel as if you do not have a lot of good things on your side, but what is awaiting you is big and will come as luck.


You usually mess up when a few good things are about to happen in your life. As such make sure you give yourself a chance of winning buy purchasing the lottery ticket in good time. If you usually buy tickets from local stores, ensure you it in a safe place.


Your luck always improves whenever you work hard and plan to take control of every opportunity that comes your way. The magic? Seize the opportunity now and buy a ticket!


Apart from ignoring opportunities that are right in from of you, everything else works in your favor. You were born when the sun was at its best. You are blessed with brimming confidence, sex appeal, and good looks, increasing your chances of winning a lottery considerably.


You are over blessed. Actually, if not double, it is triply. Wherever you go or whatever you touch, you have angels guiding and protecting you. Though you may experience a few obstacles here and there at the initial stages, eventually, you will always have your way.

The ideal thing you can do for the world is to help conserve the environment and share some of your fortunes with the less privileged in society.


This star shows luck differently. Even though the road is full of bumps and hills, you have an admirable sense of virtue and direction thanks to an army of angels around you. The rainbow will pop out when least expect it.

Enhancing your luck

If your star is not here, don’t be discouraged. Every star sign has a few attributes here and there that can help accelerate good luck. Utilizing the right tricks and tips will move you close to bagging an award. For example, Virgos are known globally to be perfectionists and have an eye for detail.

So if you are Virgo, you can use this skill to research and determine the most drawn numbers to prove your chances of winning the mega millions.

What’s more, you can find ways to ascertain how you can change odds in your favor depending on your sign. Just think outside the box! You stand a chance of winning something regardless of how slim the odds seem now.

That said, if you are a Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, or any other lucky star mentioned here, give yourself a chance by purchasing a ticket. Many people have won unexpected and exciting prices by just buying a ticket.