Buddha: Gateway of Wisdom

buddha eraoflightdotcomDIVINE BEINGS of love and light, I come to you from the ethers of light. I come to you to celebrate your inner gifts that at this time need to emerge. Breath deep and align with the breath and partaking in meditative stance, for it holds the key to unlock your own compassion and abilities to forgive.

Let not the bars of your own negative thoughts hold you captive for YOU deserve to be free. It be your choice weather you experience the grand harmonic song of your hearts. Everyone has a candles within the heart it is just a matter of focusing to expand its light for it never goes out.

I celebrate all of you and wish you well during this transformational time. It is one that will reap grand benefits when you surrender trust and move in your divineness. So my little Buddha’s go in love and light for it is time to know your own true potential to ride the wave of abundance and peace.

To quiet the mind is to open a gateway of wisdom. Earth is truly a playground where you get to ride the energies and interstate the dark meaning fears insecurities and the behaviors of others into a state of calm in order to bring about the change needed in this world. Remember you are not alone. No never alone and therefore your allies be it me, Christ, Micah, Quan Yin, Bodhidharma, Kyozan, Mahavira, and so many more (too many to mention)ready to assist when asked. And remember you are in their image so you too are full of endless abilities and possibilities to find peace and enlightenment.

It be no mistake that you children of light are in human form. You are here to find your own inner greatness, align with its wisdom and that of others and move to reshape the earth into a place where love compassion forgiveness peace joy abundance health are the norm.

I Buddha and others have full faith that you will accomplish this goal for it is inevitable. And it is so written with The Divines voice that you live on earth in harmony inside your divine differences.

Go in Peace and do look up to the clouds for there I sit smiling down on you.

» Source » Channel: Star Blossom