The Pleiadians: The Earth’s Frequency

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved ones we greet you,

Align to your Heart and meet us within the light of Truth, which exists as a constant beyond the illusion of Earth’s drama, within the sacred Timelines of light. This is your destiny moments to forge deeper and more sustainable reconnections to your higher realm divine nature.

The Earth’s frequency is building day by day, enabling the higher dimensional realms to anchor through the currently formed portals and vortexes that exist throughout your planet.

This expanding energetic framework on your earth plane is creating a womb like structure in which you will be received and realigned to your multidimensional aspect of God light.

Be still and within the stillness of your Heart consciously reach for these higher connections to Self.

We are with you, call us forward to support and witness you in this day.


the Pleiadians!

» Source » Channel: Christine Day