The Pleiadian Council of One: The Intersection of Possibilities

the pleiadians eraoflightdotcomWe are the Pleiadian of Light we are Pleiadian of Origin. We come to speak to you about the intersection of possibilities. You as a planet and a people stand at an intersection of possibilities. Each thought that you weave into the next moment, each understanding that you interlace into the next day creates an outcome that changes continually, by your doings and your un-doings. It can shift into another energy destination created by your fears, by your limitations, and by your marred perception of your abilities to make a difference.

Each one of you believes visibly for others usually before self. When you look at another, you believe that they can succeed. You believe they have the ability to heal. You believe they can grow younger or older, thinner or bigger, richer or poorer. You believe outwardly for them. This belief you hold for each other influences the outcome of creation and destination of thought. As a planet, what you believe about your world, your state, your government, and your people has a mass awareness. You each stand at this juncture of possibilities. Each day you entertain a new thought about a new direction in your life, something new that you would like to try on and see if it fits yourself. You open options and opportunities that were not available until you took an action on that thought. Each action that you take and each thought that precedes that action then ushers you into a connection point of probabilities and outcome that were not available before.

To procreate the future, to re-create in the future you must act upon the thoughts that come to you. Take an action any action. Just by taking a few baby steps forward into any of these thoughts, you change who you are. You have within you, every capacity that is held by every person on earth. You all have the ability to be great cooks, great lovers, great financial advisors, great spiritual advisors, great healers, great doctors, great artists, and great lawyers. Anything that anyone on this planet can do, you too have that innate cell instruction to do the same. You may not have the drive to do it, but you have the ability to pro-create from that cell, from that thought, from that Creational vortex. And thus, you each stand at this interesting highly visible intersection of probabilities.

As a world, you can create a world of peace if enough of you believe. You can create another war if enough of you believe. You can stop a war short in its tracks. It starts as a single thought in a single unit of the mind. And then two gather and communicate then three and then a small group, then a large group and then a world. It is the same with all inventions and inventive beliefs. Everything begins as a single thought in someone’s head. You have the ability as a single person, as a group, to change every outcome, to change the probabilities, to change the prophecies. Great events can be sculpted in 13 to 16 second intervals of thought. It is by your beliefs that you create. We are the Pleiadian Council of One and we welcome you to this building block of knowledge.