Changes Are Happening Through the Open Heart Center

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThe message I am being clearly given, is that Planet Earth is now moving at rapid pace from the 5th into the 7th dimensional state, and is shaking off the 3D, and the shackles and bonds, and whatever is still trying to keep the 3D in place is being broken apart and is being released.

This is not just going to happen in one go but over a period and it is busy happening in the highest degrees.

The 3D has to dissolve, move out and all who held humanity in that state, by Divine Command.

It is bringing forth an immense cleaving open to the very core, of our heart and soul, as we need to be aware, that the old life and the old way of life is disintegrating.
There is no going back anymore.

The dimensional changes are happening through the open heart center, and thus through the highest states of pure, unconditional love.

We are in the midst of the Fires of Purification sweeping the planet. We are in the middle of the sweeping changes, even though it may seem no-thing is happening, it is all happening and on multiple levels and fronts.

Therefore, we will feel ourselves going through intense inner changes, as the upgrading is at accelerated pace. Allow this to sweep through you.

Remember that even relationships are going through these intense changes.

Humanity is waking up in the highest degrees, and thus the ones who woke up before, now need to assist the rest, but know that the greatest of all assistance, lies within yourself, as you stay firmly anchored in your soul mission and purpose and stay absolutely focused on the highest path, your Calling – no matter what is happening in and around you!

Keep going WITHIN for guidance, and clarification and be firmly anchored in the Divine and Higher Soul Self.

The Negative Ego is now dissolving. It has no place anymore in the higher dimensions.

Keep the faith, keep walking the path of truth and integrity with love.

So much of the old paradigm will now come up and will try to regain ground – but its days are gone. Its time has passed. It cannot hold form anymore, no matter what is tries to conjure up.

We are being surrounded by the Divine and all the Cosmic Helpers at this time, in an unprecedented manner. Such has never happened before, for even the Universal Powers are here now.

Yes, it will feel as if you are on a roller coaster ride. Yes, it will feel as if you are being cleaved open, and yes, it will be confusing at times.

Keep focused! Keep disciplined! Keep up the cleansing and clearing and use the Violet Fires.

This is time when we are all being prepared to move rapidly and at accelerated pace with Mother Earth from the 5th into the 7th, and it is going to take some doing, but we will get there!

Keep the heart open no matter what!

Indeed, rejoice! For the New Golden Age is here, the foundations are being laid!

A new life!

A new beginning!


I have spoken!

Judith Kusel

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