Energy Update The Game Changers are Here

bright new world eraoflightdotcomAnd breeeaaathe. More to come, lots happened, we move like lightning in stormy skies, black clouds and rainbows. We are the light. We are here. We bring love, peace and magic to the Gaia plane. And breathe. The Transit of Venus is our quantum field of transition. The divine feminine held light, space and love for all as we rediscover Self on the reality plane. We travel through the Supermoon Elemental Transformation Corridor, Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Fire burns blocks to make way for harmony. Earth resets the game. Air is progress. Water, we are containers, our mind body souls hold the perpetual motion of light. Our energy is our breath, we stoke the fires of our chi in meditation and movement. Healing, activation and expansion of our chakras aligns us to our highest path. Our reality plane is being restructured, updated, upgraded for the new millennia. Infrastructure streamlining across all networks, syncing systems of communication and management of mainline distribution networks, surveillance and transport grids. Event horizon has occurred. Positioning of soul, self and systems magnetizing light deep into the heart of darkness.

The energies have shifted. The old 3d matrix successfully decommissioned. 4d/5g network has been installed. The black matrix is almost operational. We ARE the light matrix. We breathe light fire into all dark grids, dissolving dark algorithms in crystalline light. Self-care has fueled the Enlightenment. The Gaia goddesses held space for all. The twin flame vibration is an antidote to the dark tide. Make love not war beautiful people. 2019 we were 60 seconds to midnight, 2020 the bells toll midnight, as the Elders predicted and the grandmothers facilitated. 2020 is the transformation to Tribal Unity Consciousness. We have anchored into Gaia’s quantum field, linear time has dissolved. The Gaia plane has received an energetic light jolt, resuscitation. We are in a chrysalis of transformation. We are emerging. The cycles of stress had to be broken to reveal fear. Once we saw fear we were able to dismantle its frequency in quiet self care, contemplation and tribal connectivity. Fear cannot be maintained without flight or fight responses in perpetual motion. Our fight or flight response were triggered on a global scale by the cabal to Reveal the new world order. Upgrades to surveillance, transport, institutional and infrastructure networks were carried out across all zones. We have been streamlined beautiful people. Souped up for the new millennia. Systems crashed, failures occurred, malfunctions and delays were incurred, the puppets lost their heads, again. Transfer injection burner on our left will be activated in due time. 28 days, 6 hours and 42 minutes for transformation. We floated on Arcturian pulses of light as our world went offline. We birthed new industries online. Our world has shifted and we are the triggers, beautiful people.

The Libran supermoon on April 8th set in motion the Scales of Justice. Indictments level the playing field, NY the setting, truth the point of tension. We are transitioning through the element of Air. Throat chakra activation will steer progress. We speak our truth in the aftermath of fire and earth elemental transformation. 2020 February Leo supermoon helped us burn through the residue and remnants of 2019 karmic reset. We burn blocks to clear the pathways for enlightenment. 9th march Virgo supermoon held the vibration of positioning. The Gaia plane has been positioned for advancement, progress and peace. Two games of play have been revealed. The new world order and the new earth. The new earth blueprint is held in the frequencies of indigos, crystal children, lightworkers, travellers, Gaia queens and healers. We dream weave the light matrix, breathing life and light into the new earth motherboard. We are the architects, the gamemakers and the game changers. We create, we birth, we magnetize and maximize our hopes and dreams into our daily lives. We are unity consciousness in Action.

Arcturian light command identified primary timelines. Recent unprecedented events were foreseen and planned for. Moves and counter moves. Fear generated on a mass scale by different arms of the militarized elite was met with intensive high vibration pulses of light. Light fields disabled fear frequencies generated by the cabal. The light federation used elite engineered events to our advantage. Lightwork carried out diligently on the material plane ensured vast waves of self care, self love and self acceptance embedded in the collective consciousness. The enlightenment retreat has revealed our true selves to us and our loved ones. We know each other again. We were forced off the matrix, sausage meat factories, hamster wheels and labyrinths of stress and anxiety closed down. We were locked into love. Quarantined in our homes we faced each other and ourSelves. Healing on a micro to macro scale. Tribal Unity Consciousness has been activated.

The Aurora Ascension wave carries 222 twin flame frequencies, encrypted, crystalline, source light. Sacred Twin connectivity anchored 12d frequencies onto the Gaia plane. Coded in ascension wave technologies, the love potion of twin union was the antidote to dark pyramid fear assaults. The reality plane experienced life without mods, astral interference or the swampy, sludgy matrix as we hunkered down with our loved ones. Stress blocks mindfulness, anxiety destroys peace of mind, pressure cracks us. We have time to breathe beautiful people, get to know each other again and meet Self. We regroup, reassess, what do we want, what will make us happy. What fears have we dissolved in our enlightenment retreat? We detached from consumerism, commutes and corporate control. We stopped to smell the roses. We miss fun. Gratitude is dropping on a grand scale, lean into it, enjoy each moment, embrace all the good things when they come back online cosmic surfers. Life is for living, be in the moment, create joy and magnetize love.

The material plane has anchored into planetary magnetism. We have successfully reconnected to Gaia’s grid within the quantum field. The energy field we are in has shifted, magnetized back into Gaia’s light grid. Polar realignment expands the Gaia plane energy field to a quantum space. The energy is now anchored from a nexus point within the planetary system. A spirograph of frequency movement has replaced the old matrix vibratory field of linear or wave energy. We are now in a perpetual motion energy field, moving round a nexus point, in a sacred geometric spiral, circles and loops. To align we stay hydrated, flexible and grounded. Altitude sickness can be experienced if we move too quickly. Our mind body soul beings are transitioning to quantum magnetized energies. We can achieve equilibrium through yoga, dynamic movement, meditation and self care. Healing therapies help to align chakras and enable us to flow within Gaia’s vibratory field rather than resist it. The spirograph movement is energy magnetized to Gaia’s grid. Lightwork, karmic clearing and healing has enabled us to land beautiful people. We have dropped into Gaia’s grid in the divine alignment of chakra expansion, tribal consciousness activation. Take things nice and easy cosmic surfers, we are reintegrating into our daily lives as different people, more authentic, real, our matrix masks have come off. Our lives will transform when we follow the path shown to us in these celestial times.

The new world order have revealed themselves as has the light federation. We are shifting into a biblical mindset packaged in high tech star trek parameters. Collective recognition of good and evil as forces within each of us is woven into the fabric of our existence. We will see people revert back to ancestral algorithms of Light and Dark. We see the emergence of good as a light way of living and evil as a dark lifestyle choice. Millenia tech is emerging to support the streamlining of our infrastructures and institutions. We are arriving beautiful people. A paradigm shift is in motion. We are breaking free from premillennial, boxed in, Orwellian conform, obey programming. Fluidity has been injected into the system. Twin flame love is the vaccine for fear. Rational common sense the antidote to puppet politics. The Anunaki are engineering timelines of destruction, despair and desperation, we are weaving hope, harmony and sacred justice into timelines. Our lives will change the world, one light breath at a time. We are blowing light into the system, embodying the element of AIR. We smile at our neighbors, talk to our families, hang out with ourSelves. Who we are is Emerging. Communication and data networks have been modernized, synced and upgraded. Our lives shift, less stress more fun, beautiful people.

We are emerging from our chrysalis cosmic surfers. Revelations are upon us. All will be revealed when we unfurl into the sunlight, families, folk from all walks of life, united in the experience of collective global retreat. All our work, healers, travelers, lightworkers, to position Gaia and her people for 2020 has been successful. Tribal Unity Consciousness is here. We meet Self. We meet our loved ones. We welcome all to soul tribal spaces of safety, security and sanctuary. Our homes are our energies, we create love seeding truth, harmony and peace onto the reality plane. Light matrix manifestation is each of us aligning to what we want. Who were we, who are we now? How have our shadows shown us the way? Butterflies emerging from their chrysalis and the world will change. A wave of crystal children have arrived, beautiful people. We hold space for indigos, crystal kids and light healers, the blueprint for the new earth is here. We nurture, engineer and dreamweave light into the heart of Tribal Unity Consciousness. In light and love beautiful people.

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