Aita’s Higher Self: Question Everything

star bright eraoflightdotcomWhat is happening in our world Dear Ones, Dear Souls?

You do not remember and could not conceive of such events as are now taking place.

Who could have imagined, even a year ago, that we would all be “locked down” and “sheltering in place.” Who could have imagined that we would be wearing face masks and distancing ourselves from each other. Six feet apart is the order of the day!

Indeed, it seems that the deep state, the powers that be, our dark controllers are succeeding in their nefarious plan to dumb us down and totally control us.

Their plan has been, throughout the ages, to take over the Planet Earth World. They have implemented that plan remarkably successfully, patiently, inch by inch by inch.

Slowly but surely all of our systems, our psychology, our behavior, our ideas about life have been commandeered by the powers that be.

Who are the powers that be?

They are the dark forces, the negative entities masquerading as Human Beings, that are playing the evil ones, the devils in the planet Earth tragedy\comedy epic movie.

In this Earth training simulator experience where we come to experience fear to learn greater love, and to sift and sort through the preferred and not preferred experiences to find that we prefer love.

And to sort out our talents, preferences and abilities. The dark controllers are the Beings that are creating the negativity, the fear for us.

Fear is a necessary element of the Earth adventure. Fear is an unpleasant and sometimes even devastating feeling. Fear shakes us to our very core. Fear disables us from behaving competently.

When we focus on fear we have no clarity of thought. We are disabled by the negative thoughts that go round and round in our brain, taking over our mental capacity.

There is no room for love and consideration for others when fear is our dominant vibration. There is no ability to be loving and understanding of our brethren when we are in fear.

All we can do in that “victim” mode of fear apprehension, is to concentrate on that which is our current obsession.

What we focus on, what takes our attention is what produces our reality. That which we think about is what we get in our reality.

We get the experiences which our mind imagines. This is exactly as it is meant to be. This is what our Earthly adventure is all about.

We are here to learn greater love, to learn that we prefer to have clarity of mind and independence of body. We do not prefer to be manipulated, and psychologically maneuvered, into hateful and isolating ways of being towards ourselves and our brethren.

We Humans are all one great Spirit entity. All of God, Consciousness, All that is, is one great connected Spirit Consciousness. Here on Earth, the connections appear to have been broken. We appear to be alone.

And, as long as we are thinking and acting according to our early entrainment by those around us, who where taught to fear by their parents and generations of forebears, we are in the discomfort of the Planet Earth training simulator.

This is not an easy experience. Depending on our Karma, it can be devastating. Karma means that all the unpleasant words that we have said and cruel actions we taken against others, the universe will give us back to experience ourselves.

What we bless blesses us. What we damn damns us and gives us back the same feeing we sent out, multiplied manifold. The emotion, the feeling, echoes back to us across the atmospheric continuum in like vibration.

Our early entrainment into negativity, gives us the rules by which we live our lives. So, when our parents tell us that the world is not a safe place, we must take care, we must control others who are out to attack and harm us, we must take action to prevent them from harming us, we follow their directions.

We arm ourselves with cruel words and jealous barbs that we angrily say to our brethren. We are not aware that we are doing this. It is very much automatic, entrained behavior.

We behave as our parents behaved and their parents behaved before them. Our minds are taught a certain cultural morality and rules and regulations by which to live.

Perhaps we will deal with only catholics. Perhaps we will denigrate any other religion and look at those who believe such foolish concepts as the ignorant beings that we have been taught they are. We see the world and those around us as ignoramuses who do not know how to live. Only our ideas are right. No wonder man has such communication problems with each other.

Each family, each culture has a uniquely fashioned belief system. In this last age, women have been thought to be inferior. This is shown in every facet of life. They are sex symbols.

They dress in skimpy sleeveless short clothes to display their wares to their male counterparts. Why is it that women are in skimpy clothes, short sleeves with bare arms, while men are in suits with several layers of clothing, jackets, trousers and ties?

We so take for granted what is and believe it is the way things are meant to be. For instance, why should we pay taxes to our dark controllers.

The money gleaned from bond issues that we vote on, such as special school projects, road improvements and social programs, are not used for the purposes advertised. All of our taxes, or as much as can be steal for their nefarious purposes, are set aside by the powers that be for their enrichment and control over us.

We are still living in the stone age, in the sense that the technology we use is outdated, the medical system is not designed to cure us of our ills, but to generate maximum funds for the controllers.

So, our food, our water, drugs, vitamins, and our very air are poisoned, so that we become more befuddled, dumbed down and obsequious to those who reign over us, to our governments. And, so that we will require more and more expensive pills and procedures that then further harm us.

This state of affairs has been orchestrated very slowly, small step by small step, over the years. The powers that be are very patient. They take their time with little baby steps moving us toward accepting their total control. It is the novel “1984” in action.

It is George Orwell’s “animal farm” playing out in our reality. How did these authors know to write these books? Because those in the know were aware that there was a dark agenda, and knew what steps would be used to orchestrate that agenda into existence.

Question everything. Never believe what your family, your society, your religion, your governments are telling you without asking yourself and researching to find out if it is true.

This is especially so in this time of ascension. The Planet Earth simulator training experience, where we are fed fear to learn love, is coming to an end. It is time for all of Mankind to awaken.

We need to see what agendas are truly being played out in our daily experience. We must eat of the tree of good and evil. Nothing can be healed, until it is seen and revealed.

We cannot move beyond our negative conditioning and irrational ideas of what life is all about, until we awaken to how we have been manipulated, maneuvered and programmed into our uniquely peculiar belief system about life.

To awaken to the truth of our Divinity and our Soul’s Beingness, to awaken to the truth that this earthly life is just a dream, we must see what mad and dark programs have been perpetrated against us.

Question everything. Become aware of your feelings. See how the news that you are fed every day, with dark and evil fear filled warnings and heavy background music puts you into greater fear. Turn off that news and so turn off the programming, hypnotizing mechanism that the dark controllers use against us.

Give your body and Soul a rest from this negative entrainment. There is nothing wrong in God’s perfect World. There never was and there never will be. All is proceeding exactly as it is supposed to. Mankind has been through the earthly fear experience. He/she has been entrained into fear and is realizing that he prefers love.

And in working through this negative entrainment, he has discovered his talents preferences and abilities. In leaving his programmed obsessions behind, he has clarity. The fog is removed from his mind and he chooses joy and love.

He is creative and happy about what he is doing for he now chooses to do that which he prefers. It is through this that he finds his talents preferences and abilities.

That which we are in joy doing is that which we are good at and gives us great satisfaction. That is how we are meant to spend our time.

Choose joy, choose joy, and then again, choose joy.

So, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, your Planet Earth experience, this nightmare existence, is almost over. Question everything.

Ask yourself “is this idea that I hold so dearly as the truth, really true.”

Ask this of every thought you think and every image that you see.

This is the time of revelation. Light is being shone on the dark entrapment devices that the dark controllers have used to program us. As we see what has been perpetrated on us, we become free.

Our thinking is no longer limited by the implanted ideas of those around us. Now we come from our own values and we activate our own God given Holy strengths and abilities.

This is a marvelous time indeed. Dear Brethren, we are moving into the upper room. We are moving from the third dimension of fear into the fifth dimension of love. A wonderful, blissful, happy, loving, truly connecting time is ahead of us. We are very grateful and very Blessed.

Aita Channeling her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

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