Energetic Manifestation Warning; Judgment is at Hand

astrology update eraoflightdotcomI have been impressed to write you a very strong warning to watch out. There is extra energy coming to humanity that is empowering the manifestation of your thoughts along with everyone else’s. Whatever you think about, will happen way faster than normal. Whatever anyone else thinks about will happen just as it does for you. So, pay attention.

This energy feels like Judgment energy.

The amount of energy that can be sensed right now is so strong that anything you put your mind to will be empowered to find its creation. This is the instant manifestation that Mahala has been talking about for decades. You might have already noticed this happening in your life in emotionally sharp ways.

The reason why its judgment energy is because the manifestation process will be fast enough for the person thinking the thought, or doing the action, to see the results AND make the associated connection. Its like instant karma. You reap what you sow – very quickly! It will be obvious. If you choose to hurt someone, you will instantly feel the results.

We will all see the results of our actions in real time with regards to anything that we do.

This is the reason for the warning!

This energy is outside the realm of good or bad, it just is. As it flows through you, you become the avenue that determines what this energy creates or how it is put to use.

My advice is to put extra effort into being consciously aware of what you are thinking and doing. If you want to fight, fight. If you want to hide, hide. Whatever you channel this energy into it will amplify whatever it is that you are focusing on. If you have been waiting to give someone a hug, this is the time to do so. Show the world what you are made of and do it quickly.

The warning is that all of humanity is going through this and very few people are consciously aware of what they are creating. They will have the tendency to create what they have always known – which is what they are told! This opens the door for bad actors to manipulate society in directions that are of their design rather than the grand design which is that you are a sovereign Being created in the likeness of God.

Overall, as this energy flows through everyone, the fruits of their actions will be obvious for everyone else to see. If you are a hater, everyone around you will feel it. If you care, everyone around you will know. If you are helpful, everyone will benefit from your assistance. Do good things and everyone will feel it along with yourself.

This judgment energy is here. We will live through it one way or another. It is best to set our own path rather then simply letting it happen. Together, we can collectively shape an outcome that we are in harmony with, rather than dissident with. Thus, if you’ve been holding a vision of the future earth, the energy is here to help you shape it.

Please participate.

Now is the time to act.

Now is the time to be what you are inside.

Now is the time for humanity to show its true colors.

If you feel this energetic change, please spread this message to everyone that you know that has been waiting for the power to truly express themselves. This is the energy that exposes who you truly are. It exposes what you truly do and how you think.

If you develop a technique that helps you stay centered, share it with someone.

If you discover a way to better control the flow or energy, share it!

If you experience something that makes you feel good that you can replicate, teach someone!

If you discover something magical, speak about it.

When you recognize the effect from the cause, talk about it with someone.

Pay close attention to your emotions and use them as guidance.

Pay close attention to other people’s emotional reaction to you and learn from it.

Most importantly, share these discoveries quickly. Practice using this energy as you would practice to learn to play a fine instrument.

Judgment energy is here, let’s make the best of it.


The idea for this posting came to me in my morning meditation. I found myself focusing on thoughts pertaining to encounters on social media and in the news. As I did, I found that the associated emotion came (surprisingly) faster than normal. Typically, my thoughts can be tamed and the emotion can be directed. This time, the thoughts seemed to want to take over. The associated emotion kept building to the point where I felt like fighting. When I scanned my body, it exhibited all the symptoms of preparing for the fight. It was at that point, that I realized that the transformational energy people have been waiting for has arrived!

This energy can be observed in humanity. People have moved from a state of fear into a state of anger. Knowledge and understanding are how we dealt with fear. To balance the destructive energy of anger, we will have to actively participate to counter it. We want to enter this next phase with loving kindness, caring, tenderness, acceptance of differences, gentle expressions and love. Whatever all those things mean to you, now is the time to do them.

Post writing of this article.

Opened my YouTube subscriptions to “Weird Energies Space Spiders Hitting Earth” video.

Staff Carrier Woman’s “NEW EARTH Update” video.

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