Rinus Verhagen: I’m Not Lying, Here are Some Facts

top news article eraoflightdotcomThe definition of the left NOS, Nazi Opportunisten Service.

National Socialism, also abbreviated Nazism, is an ideology related to fascism, which had its origin in Germany after the First World War. (I am not lying)

National Socialism – Wikipedia

Opportunism is acting without regard to principles, only to circumstances. Someone who acts without principles is called an opportunist. Wikipedia (I am not lying)

nl.wikipedia.org ‘ wiki ‘ Service Service, a service provided by a server – Windows Service, a background program; In translations from English one often reads ‘service’, where . (I am not lying)

Rutte and his Bilderberg gangsters have taken the circumstances into their own hands according to a 2010 script. (I’m not lying)


Then as a gift from the left spider heaven of Nazi sympathizers from the pedo catacombs of the Bilderberg mafia in The Hague.

Have the knowledge that the dissemination of this information is much faster than the CORONA hoax from your side. (I’m not lying)

This country: 15% The Netherlands is a corona-completion lunatic, 4% is a 5G-macropper and 5% is Bill Gates-moron.

Corona of murderous lust strikes in the population.

5 feet the new normal, as long as the Hague rats don’t get in the way.

24% is more than enough to trigger the system tilt.

Dear e-mail recipients, dear loyal readers, politics and government in the netherlands

The moment of truth has come. (I am not lying)

He or she who supports Nazi Rutte’s Hitler Cabinet is complicit in all his or her crimes against the people.

Locking people up to launch a fascist agenda has also given the population time to reflect.

How many times has Rutte lied? He is making a big mistake by overestimating and abusing power, on behalf of the Golden Calf and governor of the former Netherlands, even though there are no valid legitimate laws in the former Netherlands.

The population then has the right to change this for reasons of self-preservation.

The awareness of dike breaches is in full swing, the more the population is chained up to enforce a satanic vaccination agenda, and 5G genocide, how violent the reaction will be.

To exclude the population in decisions that are against the interests of the afflicted population is your destiny.

A special info for all corrupt D66 judges in occult satanic costumes

The nerds who rebelled because they didn’t like a legally elected president in the US.

These left-wing D66 cowards will go with them in Poland because there is a constitutional state there that is reasonably democratic, knowing full well that the tide has turned.

They will not be able to maintain this fascist dictatorship of Rutte and Willy von Amsberg, to swear an oath to a constitution that no longer exists, a kingdom that expired on 13 May 1940, and the Nazi administration introduced on 18 May 1940 still makes you complicit in crimes against the population.

(I’m not lying)

Ad van Rooij and Rob Brockhus discuss the constitutional position of the Netherlands


If there are no valid laws, the population is ostracized by the crimes of a corrupt Nazi government from The Hague.

Ad van Rooij on the mass poisoning from the Netherlands.



With the MH17 lie.

The lack of legitimate regulation has been used by politicians to buy up the world’s heavy poison and dump it in the shipping industry in fuel oil and offer it as cheap fuel.

Today, pollution is 1375 times worse than all the cars in the world put together, partly due to this Bilderberg Nazi regime, which wants to blackmail us with the climate lie to pay for deliberate pollution. (I am not lying)


This makes the Netherlands currently the country with the most cancer cases.

The accompanying action of the criminal government is that many trees are now being felled in order to burn them in bio-ovens for electricity production, to which the waste from companies is added.

This is genocide against its own people and against the world population, by its own officials.

To speed up the genocide of the Dutch population, an accelerated 5G network is being introduced, in which ionising radiation damages people’s DNA and causes cancer.

I sincerely hope that GESARA will put an end to this and that chemtrails will stop, just like HAARP.

The government also wants to replace the US troops that are being recalled from Afghanistan to ensure the fake king’s drug income.

Dear readers, even if it happens against your will, you are unfortunately knowledge carriers of the crime that the Hague Nazis committed and still commit against their own and the world’s population, you have become knowledge carriers now. (I am not lying)

No one enjoys immunity from genocide under the laws that Trump has enacted (a variant of the Pluck-It-It bald head law in the former Netherlands).

Since the Second World War is now over and the former Netherlands is still allied territory, these laws also apply to Europe.

The introduction of the new gold-backed monetary system, with the confiscation of government accounts in the broadest sense of the word, means that your unpaid manual and stretching services to the current Hitler government can no longer guarantee your employment conditions.

Think of it as a collective dismissal without any form of income, with the expropriation of the accumulated assets at our expense.

Many of those who have sewn the population together in this way become survival experts themselves. (I am not lying)

If the Netherlands is not a state, we do not have to pay taxes, and we do not have to accept fraudsters as sovereigns, a bit silly that the Dutchman does not exist.

All frauds and forgeries by issuing documents of a non-existent state, constitution, in the name of a non-existent KING.

(I am not lying) Willy’s Drugs kartell

Dear readers, you can consider yourselves lucky that I wrote this message quite modestly, it could have turned out differently.

Gay and Pedo Rutte is at the end, can’t save you with more lies, you are a cow if you stunt with the population, the 99.9%, don’t lie)

Rinus, I the rock in the surf, subservient when it comes to justice.

I no longer wish to receive this mail – please remove me from the mailing list, Lieke Hendrix. Ministry of Animals.

Dear Lieke.

Are you in a position to say that I do not want this mail? Do you have any idea what we don’t want?

Do you think you are above the troubled population, the population is fed up with the political terror of the Nazi state from May 18, 1940 until today.

It is a pity that you have misplaced the EGO and the very low IQ has led you to react, I am gratefully taking advantage of that.

What do you think when you see this mail on FaseBook, how often do you think this mail is shared?

You are not educated, but educated, smart enough to talk, too stupid to think for yourself.

Blind to the reality that is now coming into your own comfort zone, a consolation, you will not be or remain the only one.

Really, I’m not lying, a population that smells blood will never tame you again, especially when they realize they have nothing left to lose.

Wasn’t it Gay Rutte she, it will never be the same as before the lockdown?

I can understand it’s okay for talentless nerds from the Hitler Cabinet

Too bad for you and many of your parasite friends, that’s really going to change.

The entire mailing list, which you can find in the attachment, is for hundreds of people who enjoy taking power and telling you about their misery.

With your income you cannot have a tar soul, this includes a collecting capacity as a soulless creature and professional parasite of nothingness.

You are free to report that you would make me emotionally happy if we could unravel this subject of truth.

All Bcc mail recipients of this answer, their own mail contacts will forward this mail with attachment.

It will be an unstoppable chain reaction.

A silent protest, by not paying a single cent more to the government or the banks, will act as an accelerant.

There are simply far too few ways to enforce this from the population.

Moreover, with the CIPS system, the QFS have abolished fast access for the banks and tax authorities.

In this way, there is no longer any possibility of continuing to hold the population hostage.

The big clean-up operation has begun, I’m really not lying.