Time to Drop the Masks and Be Transparent

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWe are now standing at the threshold of the rising of the new golden age, however, we are very much standing in the midst of the same dynamics as we did at the downfall of Atlantis. Are we giving in to a new technocratic world, where science and artificial intellegence is going to rule and controle our lives, where we are completely giving our power away to external rulers and become disempowered and subjects to manipulation even more so and held in darkness.

We are now given the chance yet again to make right of wrong to reclaim our sovereignty and divine truth within and to NOT give in to fear and obedience. No, we need to give in to the truth that no one can truly harm us, no one can take away our free will, no one can force an agenda… like the depopulation agenda 21 upon us, if we all step into our divine sovereignty and become our own law and state, which indeed is our divine sovereign right as cosmic citizens. It is NOT ABOUT right or left, democrats or republican… no this was the very fundament of the age of separation… divide and conquer agenda, the two party system duality based mind-set us versus them, good versus evil. Now is the time to unite our hearts and souls and move beyond this ancient programming, which was solely made to create division and to enslave our minds to fulfill the agenda of the 1% 5 bloodline families. If you want to inform yourself google the 5 bloodlines.

So now is our opportunity to fake it or make it…. we need to be absolutely honest to self, no matter how much fear we have, no matter how much it hurts to face the truth, it is the only way that we can make the change and transcend duality. Please feel free to listen to this free meditation, which is a guided meditation to heal and transform the rift between the atlantean and lemurian aspect of self, the divine masculine and feminine counterparts and unite them into One.

Many of us carry ancient wounds from incarnations in both Atlantis and Lemuria and it is vital to heal these aspects now… many of the persons, that we are challenged by right now, are persons reemerging from that time, that we gave our power away to back then, persons whom we need to clear the karmic residues with or fragmentations resurfaccing from within your subconscious i.e aspects of your self from then, that needs to be adressed and embraced and brought “home” into the holyness of your soul. Click on link below and feel free to share far and wide, if you know others who would resonate and need this clearing/healing.

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Grace Solaris

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