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a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomHere we are, a point in time in which a cosmic expansion of the most Divine Feminine kind is now underway.

Have you been listening? Did you pay attention to the guidance and act accordingly?

Has the field and its symbols been understood as direct guidance, and has it been acted upon?

Venus is now stationed retrograde and if there is any ignorance within the field, if the collective isn’t learning then her soft guiding voice is about to turn into a screaming banshee…

The Nag…

We all know why people nag right? We all know that it’s a loop of not being heard or listened too and we all know that this occurs when there is zero care present, well, Venus demands respect, she must not be made a nag and what happens is every 18 months she takes a check to ensure we are paying attention to the guidance of The Divine Feminine, in other words….the voice within.

Have you made Venus a nag?

Its an OUCH if you have…

I remember the day clearly that I awakened to my first Venus Retrograde, I had surfed my first Mars Retrograde awakening which was VILE, it was most definitely an awakener that ended a timeline in my life violently, a war broke out…but you know what, whilst it ended the timeline it barely stirred me in my unconscious slumber in terms of my heart awakening, it was definitely just the beginning of me seeing the reflections of my ego and the theme was co-dependency.

So, with my first Venus retrograde I thought to myself, ahhh what a breeze this will be, it cant be anything like Mars.

I was delivered a rude awakening…

How dare I underestimate? Well that’s how it felt at the time, but aren’t all of our awakenings loud and painfully personal at first?

Of course, this is the learning and its how we see our ego and the unconscious programming held.

Its what we do next that counts…

What I would like to point out here is where we are in “time” right now and why this is now so very important in terms of our life path/experience and how we harmonise with our planet.

First of all I feel it perhaps would be a good time for many to stop using the word planet or Earth for a while and perhaps use the word host, we, the human race feed off our host, we require our host to hold certain octaves or living conditions within the range of the spectrum that is possible for us to continue our existence.

Whilst our race is fairly resilient, there are many octaves within the spectrum that we would find living here inhospitable, too hot or too cold predominately brings the end to our race and we are at that tipping point of truth now, one in which your leaders, those who you choose to put in place are perhaps not treating with the utmost of importance and turning our host into a nag.

Health is not the importance of ego, wealth is and whilst I am sure our leaders are lovely folk, trying to do their best to keep what they believe to be required for civilisation to be ticking along, the truth is that ticking along is actually a ticking bomb – they are clueless, they are unconscious and they are the picture of our demise, we have been a dying race for too many years now.

This isn’t going to bide well, in fact we have already been gifted with the force of a virus to stop us in our tracks offering us a mirror of our truth so that we can take a BIG look at ourselves and the disrespect we hold for that which provides LIFE for us, but then….much of our race don’t enjoy life, there is a deficit, a lack, and to this I say Fiat Lux – Please head over to Opal Portal to receive THE most incredible word spell of light, there is a video called Up Close & Personal #5 that will explain and gift you the magic of creation.

The point is, this space in which we are travelling is now the somewhat final phases of the Grand Solar Minimum.

The Solar Minimums are the periods in which the soul attempts to land in the physical. The physical responds and “cools off” creating space/time for the expansion/activations to happen from within, to be precise the DNA.

This period only happens every 10/11 years so it is utterly precious in terms of the collective awakening, in fact it was once every 11 years but this is currently shrinking as the pattern is now showing a 10 year cycle, and we have approximately a two year period to update/rewrite within before the “warming” of the physical begins again…

Well we are now, as I said, in the final phases and this point in time COUNTS now.

What counts even more is to begin seeing the correlation of our personal cooling and warming and our planet/host – what we can see clearly in this solar minimum is just how out of harmony we have become.

The disconnection to our host during this solar minimum has highlighted one of the most warmest winters, during the time in which our planet would naturally cool due to zero sun activity…

Well it doesn’t take a super light to work out that when the sun begins its next solar cycle and the earth begins to heat up again, well, our living conditions are going to be MUCH more HOT and this will manifest in MANY different ways – we can expect “melt downs” however this chooses to present itself and especially because we are due a GRAND solar maximum during the incoming cycle, 2024/25 is the tipping point.

So why am I telling you this in a report about Venus?

Venus is our sister planet, Venus is our reflection of what happens when we don’t listen to the Divine Feminine, ever tried sucking up to a touchy feminine? It’s a cold, dark, baron experience and The banshee will scream from within….

NOW is THE most important MOMENT in TIME, now IS a point of choice and Venus is about to highlight this ALL.

Now is the moment we see the truth of this virus and the collective cocoon it provided to revaluate how we respect our host, how we plan to care for our host and this is going to show so very clearly in the reflection of how we care for Self and our fellow Brothers and Sisters.

I feel like I am trying to cram the entire scripture of how to awaken in a short/ish report about Venus Retrograde – this is madness! The keys are here, the reports are stored in a library at the light home, there is access to my work through a few portals – it really is time to pay attention.

If you would like to visit then the address is www.agiftfromgaia.com – all are welcome!

You are going to find the tarot card readers and the astrologers all talking about relationships, making this all about what you can get, your personal finances, your personal dreams, your personal relationships and what I say to this is WAKE UP, all of that is EGO, it doesn’t matter whether your relationship is breaking down, it doesn’t matter if your job has ended – OUR PLANET IS ABOUT TO SHOW US THE REFLECTION OF OUR NEGLECT and this is the ONLY importance. There is no relationship, there is no job there is no life as we have known it anymore if the race doesn’t awaken and if we are not taking the guidance from our host then we are going to feel the force of the masculine and the destruction/clearing that it will bring, to a race that no longer appreciates itself or its host.

There is no time to waste, there is no wait and see, there is no putting it off anymore and there is NO MORE following leaders that are acting like the pied piper skipping off with the innocence, never to be seen again – this virus, this collective cocoon IS the message of NOW, now we must change, now we must pay attention, now we must become responsible and choose to live by the guidelines of our heart, our truth, our connection.

So what does this all mean in terms of how we live.

Reduce waste NOW

Release the need for distraction, entertainment and most definitely convenience.

Put your car in the garage and only use it when it is essential

Reduce your carbon/karmic footprint

Increase CARE

Increase Connection

Increase Cooperation

Learn to become a functional human being, a human being that has re-established the connection within and has realigned to the tones of creation.

Learn to grow, learn to share, learn to support – and this will be the connection that breathes life into your life whilst all the “rest” is allowed to dissolve.

Have you noticed that since Venus began her shadow period in the first week of April how we all began realising what was most important, how time became an important capsule to fill and only with what was most divine. Have you noticed how appreciation was realised, how the race began looking at its relationships externally and realising the importance and the mirror of within. A work life balance became important, the responsibility of our children became important, health became important and the message coming in from Venus as she appears to “go back” is DON’T GO BACK.

Whilst our governments are super focused and panicking about the wealth of our world and our economy those consciously aware are busy releasing all ties to the illusion they are trying to restart, releasing excess weight, allowing the Divine Detachment to take place knowing that it cannot continue, knowing that wealth/abundance is experienced through health and it is the health of our connection that Venus, sandwiched (time wise) between the likes of Saturn and in two day Jupiter begins his Retrograde is ready and prepared to “mark” us upon.

Now is the time to look at all that breaks, and trust me….everything appears to be breaking down in my reality as I release, with ease I might add, my attachment to “stuff”, personally my home is getting lighter and lighter, whilst becoming rapidly more “green” – I was joking with my son yesterday as I announced I am now a farmer, to which he responded no Mum, you’re gardening – no I am most definitely a farmer now, I have tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs growing and as far as I am concerned this makes me a farmer haha! I took the recent codes of “Value the Seed” to “The Word” and realised that no matter how limited we “think” we are, how pointless it may all seem, it is the action, the commitment and the openness to begin a new alignment that counts – there are no excuses, there can only now be point and purpose.

But look at what is breaking, analyse what is breaking and ask yourself, is it required or is there a less wasteful way of being or doing things now, perhaps now you will consider the incoming “meltdown” and ask will it be beneficial then, would it work then, does it require fuel or power that perhaps may not be available then – do not get complacent, a violent solar maximum could cut out our networks, communication and power.

This also reflects in the relationships you have around you, if/when this meltdown comes will you be carrying the weight of those that cannot cope, those who refused to See? That will be suicide in slow motion.

Now is the time to value health, to get our connection to Self so strong, so independent that we are so impeccably responsible and therefore ultimately respectful so we can teach those around us now how through being the example, that together when we take the vow of respect and responsibility that we can assist and support each other equally, no one relying on another to take up the s/lack.

Again, there are no excuses, for example, last year I had a severely disabled son but by sharing the codes of light in a way he could understand, in other words I became the example which disabled his judgement entirely, what he saw was a miracle of change, that he then chose to follow too. I now have a son who is highly motivated to get strong and independent, a son who now can get on the floor and complete exercises he never ever thought would be possible again, he was bed ridden for 12 months and now he is mobile and increasing in ability as his dedication to his connection increases.

Once upon a time he stopped caring and his body reflected this, today he cares more than ever and his body has responded and is moving full steam ahead into maximum health and he can feel/see the difference.

A LOVE for life was birthed

There are no excuses, there is either conscious or unconscious and the divide, during this retrograde season is going to show the polar ends for the greatest spectrum collapse seen since the last time civilisation fell.

What we are choosing now, is what we shall reap during the years of the new solar cycle.

Are your resources lacking? Well get resourceFULL!

Use this time to focus on health, the health that connects us, places us in harmony with our host, we have been receiving this guidance specifically throughout the past decade, and this Venus Retrograde is going to act more like the final exam….

Did you learn? Did you pay attention?

And if you didn’t, there is still some grace left…..LEARN NOW and release all ignorance to the Divine Feminine.

It is TIME – Let there be Light

Andrea xxx