Lisa Renee: Synthetic Telepathy as a Psychotronic Weapon

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomDear Ascending Community, I pray that our communities and each individual is fully experiencing their direct inner spiritual connection, knowing and feeling their direct connection with God and our Christos-Sophia spiritual family. This is the pinnacle time of the dark night and Megiddo battle in which many of us have trained and prepared for meeting this opposition to human spiritual freedom, for many years now. Through our collective experience of devoted and sanctified God connection to serve the Cosmic Sovereign Law, we hold tremendous spiritual power through unified cooperation, not only for fortifying our personal self-sovereignty, but for holding the spiritual strength required for all humanity to have access to the truth, as the masses are placed in a position of global awakening.

We are in the midst of a spiritual war for securing the freedoms of humanity, and this should not be forgotten when considering the outer agendas. Until we are truly fearless in the knowing that we are eternal multidimensional God beings, we are compromised in group strength, and this can limit our effective service to the Christos mission, to help liberate humanity from their oppressors. As always, if there is an imbalance of processing fear, one must return to the basic foundation of ES tools to regain center, perspective and spiritual strength, as fear weakens us in every way. We suggest the free stand alone site, Krystal Aegis, for anyone struggling with the overwhelming amounts of targeted fear transmissions.

I am sharing information that is relevant from recent field projects that are important for the awakening community to be aware of at this time. This is related to the current agendas and orchestration of hysterical and irrational fear behind the plandemic, noting that the infrastructure for AI covert technology for synthetic telepathy and neural dust is being increased during this lock down phase around western power centers, and this millimeter wave technology is being rolled out for another stage of customized individual targeting for mind control purposes.

Truth, awareness and clarity protect us, and is the reason why I share this with the community. Please do not fear this, see it as it is for what it is – control, power and attempted enslavement of the spiritually weakened. Your personal power combined with your spiritual power is potent, where you place consent is potent, and speaking your truth is potent. We do have more spiritual resources than ever, but we must do our own inner work to be fearless and cleared of most negative ego pathologies before the Natural Laws can really work on our behalf.

Synthetic Technology

Synthetic Telepathy scanners and biosensor technology has already been implemented as a psychotronic weapon for many years, one such method is through the unethical human experimentation that has taken place covertly by assorted black operations, in Milabs and in secret space programs. Obviously, the negative aliens that intend to enslave earth humans developed synthetic telepathy, frequency fences and related psychotronic weapons many thousands of years ago, and handed some of these technologies to the Black Sun Nazis during WW2. Hence, the Black Sun bases and ships have integrated the use of synthetic telepathy technologies as a way of life when interfacing with artificial intelligence networks or other technologies that are commonly used by the base inhabitants.

Synthetic Telepathy is the biosensor technology paired with Voice to Skull technology being used by psychopathic criminal humans and nonhumans to assault, threaten and take control of Targeted Individuals. Synthetic telepathy sensors are the mode for scanning the entire body and brain waves for personality profiling, gaining access to the surface mental dialogue and emotional patterns through the recorded EEG signals. Frequencies that act as Voice to Skull carriers are transmitted in a range or spectrum of frequencies that hop around the frequency band, making them generally undetectable as a coherent and readable signal. Instead the spread of frequencies would just appear as static noises.

Many people’s accounts are similar in that the targeted person hears condescending voices making direct commands to them, or a group of people talking in their head, usually harassing them with insults or pushing them to commit suicide. The challenge in determining voices in a person’s head, is that this can be technologically induced by these covert human experiments, or it can be the result of spiritual trauma that has resulted in multiple personality possession, whereby bona fide demonic entities or aliens are involved in the mental and physical torture of the afflicted person.

Synthetic Telepathy and Remote Neural Monitoring are two sides of the same coin. Remote Neural Monitoring is a form of functional neuroimaging, claimed to have been developed by the National Security Agency “NSA”, that is capable of extracting EEG data from the human brain at a distance with no physical contact or electrodes required. It is further claimed that the NSA has the capability to decode this data to extract subvocalizations, visual and auditory data from their target. In effect it allows access to a person’s thoughts without their knowledge or permission. Collecting massive amounts of personal data from the population allows them to feed back this information into quantum computers which produce schematics for understanding the collective consciousness, breaking this down to deeply analyze special interest groups, as well as formulate predictive types of programming designed to influence and modify human behavior, based on external perception or direct stimulus.

Remote Neural Monitoring also has its roots in unethical human experimentation that was first developed and carried out by the Black Sun Nazi Groups. These groups were directly involved in satanic rituals and offerings to conjure dark forces, and they were contacted by one of the NAA factions, that assisted them by giving them ships and the technology to colonize bases off planet. This was convenient for the Galactic Slave Trade. The Black Sun mind control testing schemes are actually SRA methods taken from the black magic occult information, or Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). These methods were scientifically reproduced in the infamous MKULTRA trials and in subsequent mind programming agendas used to control public figures, military personnel, intelligence assets and beyond.

Nanotech Biosensors and Neural Dust

Nanotechnology plays an important role in developing nano-sized biosensors, such as sensors used for synthetic telepathy and remote neural monitoring. To ensure synthetic telepathy technology works at great distances and via satellite, biological sensors must be involved to create a handshake for the AI signal. Biosensors are used as an analytical device to detect biological information in a targeted person or from the environment. Thus, biosensors are used to detect bio-molecular interactions in living things, like human beings, and then send that biological information into the sensor that transduces it into an electrical signal that creates a feedback loop back into a computer network. Essentially, it is a probe that integrates a biological component with an electrical component, in order to yield a measurable signal that can be processed by a computer interface or internet wireless technology.

Biosensors integrate biological and physicochemical properties for emitting extremely low electromagnetic signals that are being produced to communicate with artificial intelligence networks and wireless technologies, that collect and send back the gathered biological information for larger analysis. Various kinds of nanomaterials are applied to biosensors which enhance their sensitivity and specificity of detection in defining ranges of electrical signal emissions, bio-chemicals, light properties and DNA-RNA genetic sequences, that displays the results to an operator through an interface.

Biosensors, especially those sensors embedded into nanoparticles like Smartdust, are so small as to remain unseen by the naked eye. These are currently being used and experimented with in diagnostic and clinical settings in the mainstream western medical sciences, as well as in military application like chemtrails. Smartdust is a system of tiny microelectromechanical systems, such as sensors, robots or other devices that can detect light, vibration, magnetism, temperature and chemicals. Smartdust and neural dust are operated on wireless signals feeding back sensor information into artificial intelligence computer networks, which are further used to perform a variety of tasks that are programmed by the operator.

Neural dust also allows for wirelessly powered bundles of artificial nerve sensors that collect ranges of data, to be sent back to brain-computer interfaces that are used for a variety of synthetic telepathy applications, where that statistical data can be further analyzed or leveraged. Neural dust more specifically can activate action potentials in a cell, spiking nerve impulses, which is the central role of cell to cell communication. These interactions allow the cells to communicate with each other, building cell connectivity in response to changes that are occurring in the environment. This means the propagation of artificial signals being wirelessly transmitted are being designed for inciting action potential and nerve impulses in the cells of a biological person, which interferes with the natural signals that occur in cell to cell communication. Extremely low frequencies artificially transmitted into the electromagnetic field directly affects intercellular communication. Cell to cell communication is necessary for not only maintaining healthy cell tissue, but in the natural biological function of cellular telepathy. Loss of communication signaling between the cells in a human body, results in entropy of the cell, which causes diseased cells, and this spreads cancer and tumors.

Nanotech biosensors can be injected directly through vaccinations, coated in a film on pharmaceutical pills, inhaled from nanoparticle sprays, and placed in the food and water supply where it would remain undetected through current conventional methods used by the public agencies that provide overall quality testing.

Nanoparticles can also cross cell membranes. It has been reported that inhaled nanoparticles can reach the blood and reach other organ systems accumulating in the liver, heart or blood cells. There are almost no publications on the effects of engineered nanoparticles on animals and plants in the environment, and this is not accidental.

Internet of Things (IoT)

An example of multiple interfaces that could interact with synthetic telepathy technology in the mainstream would be the network of physical devices that are included in the Internet of Things. The concept and implementation of the Internet of things (IoT) is being pushed by the Controllers at this time for greater ease of “smart home” technologies that open the door to in-home surveillance through an array of embedded nanotech biosensors. This hard push for building wireless infrastructure for smart cities everywhere on the globe, is another desperate attempt to maintain mind control over the asleep population, while the coup taking down the dark cabal is happening behind the scenes.

I hope this is helpful, and sending my love, strength and care to each of us in the spiritual communities. More people must awaken to understand this agenda is anti-human, is designed to be a genocidal campaign, and is being hidden behind the corrupted leaders and self appointed authorities that are vigorously promoting virus testing and mandated vaccinations. Thank you for standing strong and being the shining light example for others who are lost in the wilderness.

Below is the suggested clearing for Post Hypnotic Commands in Mind Control Scripting. This can be helpful in clearing neural links, neural dust and other nanotech.

Love and GSF, Lisa


Post Hypnotic Commands in Mind Control Scripting

This is a type of psychotronic warfare aimed at the Autonomic Nervous System. If you are feeling especially depressed, messages of suicidal acts, hopeless, and related negative feelings, please know this is not organic and is a scripted messaging system placed in the planetary fields, and aimed towards those of us building, strengthening and anchoring this Aurora Guardian and Indigo Shield. These hypnotic commands may be introduced while we are asleep, so be aware and secure your sleep time space. There may be importance when you wake up to pay attention to how you feel and immediately clear any residue imprints from impacting you throughout your day.

Please so not let this disturb you, bring your mind back into the peace of knowing that you can dismantle and destroy any script virally loaded to impose on your nervous system. Further dis-identify with these feelings and emotional states, as not a part of the real “you”, it is the inner child and physical body that is feeling it, as it picks up the broadcast from the larger field of this network.

It is good to feel the emotion of the experience, however if the feelings are descending into extremely negative and painful states that are increasing, rather than abating, then one may have a positive affirmation that a script is loaded and influencing your body. Sustained states of hopelessness, despair and depression are not good to maintain, we must learn to shift that feeling off of us, and clear its impact from continuing to interfere with our highest purposes.

If this is resonating with you, please consider the following support offered from our Krystal Star Guardian Teams: HGS CLEARING PROCESS


1. CALIBRATE with the 12 D Shield and recite the Unity Vow (the standard ES practices)

2. Ask the Question of God self

Do I have Mind Control Scripts loaded that need to be Cleared from my body?

3. Beloved God, Guardian Families of Aurora, Please Identify, Locate, Remove and Repair the following:

4. Terminate Mind Control Programs and their Loaded Scripts

a. Terminate Posthypnotic Commands
b. Terminate Posthypnotic Suggestions
c. Terminate REM Deprivation Programs from my required SLEEP PATTERNS to function optimally
d. Terminate Script Identifier
e. Terminate Script Locator
f. Terminate Script Trigger
g. Terminate Script Content
h. Terminate Script Time Code or Duration Code
i. Terminate and Sweep AI Nanotech, Smartdust, Neural Dust and Neural links webbing in my body and aura

5. Please Repair All Systems and reboot my organic system of the 12 Tree Grid to support my Ascension and Aurora Guardian Code Sequences. Correct my Spine and strengthen my Coccyx through my Spinal Cord and leading into my Brain. I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

6. Please generate Master Number Code if needed to lock down Repair Sequences.

7. Please clear all related Memories and their Influences from my Central Nervous System, Brain through the Inner Levels, In Between Levels, and Outer Space levels. (The goal is to remove these memory imprints and their residue from your nervous system, where they started.)

8. End your Session and thank the teams as appropriate.

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  1. Ed😘🥑💜


    🌈 NOW 🌈

  2. Ed😘🥑💜

    Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks
    Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks.

    Castles open.

    Darkness to Light.

    Blindness to sight.

    The matrix unveiled.


    🌈 NOW 🌈

  3. Ed😘🥑💜

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  4. Karina

    I absolutly feel BLESSED TODAY!!! To read messages from you Lisa and you my dearest Cheri make my heart singing!!!! I can feel, see and hear the highest truth in all of your words!!! I share as much as a can with all the human souls that they can find the Light in the given Knowledge with unconditional love and can free themselves from the slave-programming!! I know that we are under severe attacks. I personally had an interesting contact on twitter these days, where I immidatly sensed the dark agenda behind and I stopped it. But it came out of no-where – and I sent it back with unconditional love from where it came *big smile* But also I had the strong sensation that I AM under protection – can`t describe it exactly, but I just knew it!! This is was such a blessing!!! I AM also aware of all the fear-mongering attacs going on with higher intensity. No matter if it`s CO-VID, Nibiru or Micky Mouse ;-))). But I sense the fear of all the humans around and I really do my best to help them in letting go all this stuff of the NAA.

    Dear Cheri, dear Lisa – you are one of the brightest stars for me and what you are doing for humanity is beyond words!!! So please take my THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the humans who are still sleeping!! I truly LOVE YOU beyond words!!!

    1. Cheri

      Oh beautiful Karina! Thank you for this reply! You are an inspiration to me too! That protection you feel is the armor of god which you have successfully downloaded yay! We are all in this together weaving the quantum field with our unified consciousness! It’s like the divine feminine is rising within us all and saying powerfully “this is enough of this insanity!” It’s so simple when we hold no fear! The only power they ever had was what we gave them wittingly or unwittingly through our fear that we were powerless to do anything! Love you girl! I am on twitter now to follow the great awakening if you want to check out my few posts and sharing (Cheri of Hilarion). I am just incredibly grateful you are holding the light in Austria and that entire region in Europe! Lots of people are awakening rapidly over there now, especially in Germany yay!

      Hearts afire! All negative threads are removed from the field as they come into our awareness for transmutation. We are powerhouses and like moths the energy comes to the light to heal. The only thing required is our presence here as this inverted system flows through us to heal! Love you! 😘

      1. Karina

        Oh my dearest ONE!!!! Your messages to me are always such a blessing – you can`t imagine!!! It`s great to find you on twAtter too!! A lot of the people there are still just thinking about all the layers of the surface (politics, religions and so on).So it`s a blessing for the humans there, when they can participate in all your wisdom, knowledge and love!!!
        I see you on twitter my beloved Cheri, always your Karina!!! Love you!

  5. Cheri

    Just remember this is part of the clearing process to become aware of what has been done but we need not fear this technology just transmute it. I heard those voices too when I first awakened degrading me and telling me to hurt myself etc. Its all genetic clearing. The reason we see it clairvoyantly and hear it now is because we are conscious and awake and transmuting these frequencies. This was all subconscious programming we were unaware of prior to the awakening.

    Good news on the control timelines front! A couple nights ago I entered a timeline to clear and saw all these nanobots. Little robotic spheres all huddled together looking at me (funny because I am moving everything out of the basement of our Fathers mansion so to speak lol! so they are now just forced into the few remaining timelines they have and this one was a seed point for their creation woohoo!) So I asked the creator “what are these creatures?” He said “Monsanto” then I knew these were the bots put into the molecular structure of the wheat back in Atlantis controlling the consciousness and running this quantum simulation of reality through our omnipresence. But most importantly running their MK Ultra programming! These were the Atlantian GMO’s. So at least the nanobots have been eliminated from the genetic structure of the wheat in the quantum realms which is why their mind control programming is failing. For most of us this manifests as genetic disease but for those that are under MK Ultra as their sleepers this will minimize their ability to be activated by key words and phrases. This also ends the SSP mind control virtual reality program. They are the ones primarily mind controlled other than those who have suffered severe trauma like the trafficked children who populated these astral consciouness programs. We are seeing this manifest now in the failure of the fake news to create reality rather than report on organic creations (#fakenewsisnotessential lol!). I am on twitter now hahahaha! It is fun to watch the great awakening!

    So more great news as I am hearing about the dissolution of the ego programming service to self structure. The masks are part of the mind control fear programming and people will only go along with this for so long. I mean pathogens can enter through our eyes and ears as well so why not just cover the entire body in a space suit. It is ridiculous to keep breathing in your own co2 instead of fresh air lol! It’s great to see everyone waking up! Stay patient we gotta get to the source point of the fall! My gosh some of these so called Illuminati people look like total hell and they are popping up as our so called leaders trying to keep us locked down. Pelosi looks like she is melting! There is a great picture of the LA health director and she looks like a vision from the crypt hahahaha! Look most of the Illuminati are just archonic programming animating DNA, not a human soul so they have no ability for empathy or remorse and suffering like the rest of us. They are simply deteriorating before our very eyes and we can see the non humanity and feel inherently something is terribly wrong with these people as their ideas make no sense.
    But we gotta take back our power people! There are billions of us and only 10M or so of them yet they are implanted in all the governmental apparatuses across the globe making decisions for us because we have been unaware they were not acting in our best interest. It is not so much that they are trying to screw us over as they are just robots running a mind control script coming from a quantum computer. It’s all winning! Stay positive! We gotta love this place back into sanity! We no longer participate in the narrative or computer manuscript for our reality as we are sovereign and peacefully but forcefully say hell no we ain’t doing that lol! Love you family, keep laughing all is well!