Following Your Heart with Trust in the Unknown

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomLet Freedom Wring ;o)

I hope you are doing well as we continue to spiral through intense change. Such powerful progress, which is sometimes unearthing things that have been covered for a long time. As a Lightworker, you’ve been on a path of unearthing details within you for quite awhile.

For many this time is stirring up much to be dealt with. I see it as a wringing out (so you may sometimes feel like a wet rag) and yet this is the cleansing that is allowing new information to flow.

This new information is what you’ve been nurturing, allowing the space within to foster Love that may be birthed forth into this realm through you. What I’ve been noticing is a vacillating between bliss and its opposite, the perfect compliment of wholeness connecting.

There may be times of processing (yours or humanity’s) that can effect you physically with fatigue, mentally with brain fog or emotionally with depression or lack of creative passion. Embrace these times of adjustment with as much relaxing of your resistance as possible.

There may be times of elevated bliss or love that is tapping you into a new level of communication with the subtle realm. Intuitive senses are increasing, ideas are spawning, and at times, patience may be tested because “doing” is not generally a smooth flow yet.

This week’s LightBlast is a reminder of your powerful Love as humanity experiences a collective upgrade still in such an unknown phase.

I hope you have a blissful week, dear Lightworker. Your Love is allowing such deep change to manifest, though its benefits may be yet unknown.

Much Love,


PS I kept forgetting to include this in the previous emails. I did a card pull after I already knew the monthly energies. These two cards (Trust and Clairsenses) flew out of the deck as I was shuffling! Creativity was on the bottom of the deck (I always like to look at that card). Just to remind me that I said, “You can pull out the Trust card in May and let the Light Language support your changes.” I love the synchronicities!

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