The Sun Moves Into Gemini; Here, There, Everywhere

energy waves eraoflightdotcomOn May 20th, the Sun, which rules our: life force, vitality and core essence, moves into the airy sign of Gemini. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign, is all about: play, curiosity, wonder, intelligence and flexibility.

The Suns movement into Gemini will spark our intellectual and playful sides. Gemini is a mutable sign ( like: Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). Mutable signs are at the end of a season and prompt us to be more flexible and malleable with our expressions. The Sun is now joining the Gemini party as we have: Mercury, Venus and the North Node also currently in the sign of the twins. Our curious and child like sense of wonder is heightened and we will want to explore, question everything and learn new things.

Being that Gemini rules: communication and whimsical expressions, this is a great time to focus on anything that requires mental dexterity and creativity. Gemini, according to former astrologer Linda Goodman( one of my favs) is the known as “the child” of the zodiac. The Sun in Gemini wants us to be free to float around in a fancy of wild abandonment and innocence. Wherever Gemini falls in your natal chart, is where this wondrous and light sense of play will be present. Since Gemini energy is so prevalent in the skies right now, you will see a concentration of attention on those areas of life. For myself, as an example, Gemini rules my 7th house of relationships and contracts. I have noticed a flurry of folks coming at me from every direction. Sometimes, Gemini energy can be scattered and all over the shop. It is the signs charm and also dexterity of purpose that allows it to be: here, there and everywhere, all at the same time.

The Sun’s entry into the sign of the twins is here to lift your spirit with a wind of lightness and chatty wisdom. We are being encouraged at this time to question and ponder the many riddles of our current existence. The Sun in Gemini wants you to remain open and playful within these intellectual conundrums. The Sun in Gemini is here to bring: a breathe of fresh possibility and malleability, joyful curiosity and the awakening of your inner child. Happy birthday to all the Gemini folks!

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