Archangel Michael: Om and the Rays of Creation

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomGreetings. It is I, Michael. There are several sound templates that can be used to further escalate and enhance your conscious awareness. One of them that has been on your Earth plane for a long time and is totally misunderstood is the ‘Om’. Many chant it unconsciously, not fully understanding the impact that if they added a little conscious awareness as they chanted it, it would have a much greater impact on the vibratory rates they were able to hold. There would be a greater amount of Light they could hold. There would be greater consciousness that they would be able to access.

The ‘Om’ is also representative of the Creator that is contained within the first Ray of Creation. It opens doorways for a greater perspective of what Creator is and how Creator is part of the experience of the Soul in form. I mention that now because as we move along there will be other sound templates that will be given. Sound at this juncture is very important. Just as when we worked with the fourth, fifth, sixth, and eighth Rays, we had to pay attention to the physical, energetic components of the lower dimensional physical realms which had to do with magnetic and electromagnetic fields. As we move into this eighth, ninth, tenth Ray composition and learn how they work together, sound is an integral part of that as is Color Coding. The Color Codes enhance and create vibratory levels. Sound is a vibration. Questions?

Jim: Yes. I’m watching what you’re saying. The ‘Om’ has much more information in it. If we use it in conjunction with the eighth and ninth Rays of Creation and bring it into the geometries as we’re beginning to do, that’s where the impact of the ‘Om’ starts to be much more expansive.

Michael: Correct.

Jim: So … I’m saying this for the students … it’s not about just toning the ‘Om’ and sitting there in a nice-feeling state. It really is a constructive element to enhance the expansive awareness into the unlimitedness.

Michael: Correct. As you tone ‘Om’ a vibration is created that is usable within the physicality. At certain levels of creation sound is not heard like it is in the human ear. Sound is a vibration. What makes sound usable is when you create the interface between the non-physical realm into the physical. You do this by creating a sound that is heard and the vibration is taken in through the inner ear. That vibration then affects the physical body. You create an interface. You take it from the non-physical, higher dimensional realm and bring it into a usable format within the physical realm. You bring it within the body itself through the toning.

Jim: It’s the word ‘compatibility’ that Uriel previously spoke of. You create a carrier device in the actual sound that is heard by the ear and because you have an intention, relationship and compatibility is created with other sounds that are not heard. I’m also assuming it will create a relationship with the geometry in the tenth Ray that is much looser than the geometries in the eighth Ray.

Michael: Correct.

Jim: Then the ninth Ray becomes the carrier device that delivers the complete intention. This is done in the geometry, vibration, Light, and color templates. These will then be able to resonate with the physical, mental, emotional bodies.

Michael: Correct. Not enough value is placed on sound in the third dimension. It is experienced and played with but not held in high regard. Many times sounds are created that are not in resonance or have no compatibility with the Soul. Some are destructive to the well being of the body and the ability to create states of harmony. Many times people voice their opinions and sound their ideas. Then solutions for a problem come forth in that conversation. The voice and the sound vibrations enable a more creative solution that is more compatible with the Soul. The consciousness of the Soul can come forth in that conversation. In the third dimension it is not fully understood how sound works. How the ninth Ray actually plays out in third dimension may be very foreign to students in this experiment. The conscious awareness of speaking creates a vibration within the body that can enhance any creation whether it is conscious or not. Good or bad has nothing to do with it.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Michael and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Michael to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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