Galactic Core Spinal Column

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomWe are going through intense upgrades as the pineal and pituitary glands, linking to the spinal column lightning rod and tuning fork are now being activated to the 5th and 7th dimensional frequency band.

It is bringing immense cellular changes on all levels, as our lighter crystalline bodies are getting more activated, and we now are being tuned into the Galactic Frequencies. The Paradise Keys and Codes are being downloaded and are thus changing our whole bodies, and this is a tuning in to the highest degrees.

We literally come from the stars and we are being tuned into the star frequencies at galactic levels.

Mother Earth’s spinal column is now being tuned into the Galactic Core Spinal Column, and through her, we are being tuned into the Galactic Core.

When Atlantis fell our pineal and Pituitary glands huge capacity to access cosmic information was closed down. This happened because the Atlantean implanted control boxes into the cranium area, which literally blocked you from accessing the Universal Knowledge and Universal frequencies. These implants are now disintegrating and cannot hold frequency anymore.

As the 3D is now disintegrating, and Mother Earth ascending very rapidly into the 5th dimensional state, the 9th and 12th dimensional states are making themselves felt.

Many of the Galactic Masters are now working with humanity and working with us from the 9th to 12 dimensional states. They are working with those Lightworkers who are ready to ascend on all levels, and lead humanity home into the 5th and very rapidly, the 7th.

Note that you will need to allow this immense upgrading to assimilate in your physical body.

The upgrades will increase now, and we need to keep up with planet earth.
So much of the old will be churning up now which needs to be released.

This is a deep alchemical transfusion, transmutation and transcendence in the highest sense.

We are being transformed in the Golden Sun Race, we once were in the very beginning at the time of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.

\We are rising!

Judith Kusel