Full Feeling Intelligence

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThe ongoing incoming energies currently pouring in are unprecedented and off the charts and divinely orchestrated to catapult the tipping of the iceberg mass awakening, that is needed and inherent in this light itself, as we move towards the eclipse RITE OF PASSAGE portal the beginning of June and the frequency is exponentially increasing massively leading up to this fake it or make it rite to get it RIGHT. To make it we need to be available, we need to see, feel, hear and use ALL OUR SENSES including our spiritual senses, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claricognizance FULL FEELING INTELLEGENCE of our heart and to see beyond the veil of illusion to move thru the eye of needle and become sovereigns self empowered indedependent beings of light. We need to open ourself to receive the dispensations of light sent to us from On High.. latest the two comets the Swan and the Atlas which both will grant us the needed divine feminine and divine masculine light coordinates to navigate into the new Golden Age new heaven on earth.

The great amount of high vibrational plasma being ushered in to the planet is unprecedented and it will continue to increase, as this is generating the rise in light frequency needed for Gaia to completely shift into the 5th dimensional timeline and each of us and is complementary to our developing silicon based cellular compound. Our bodies are becoming more and more crystaline and is gradually shifting from carbon to silicon based compound.

The Arcturians are master healers and have been supporting the planet in its ascension for many years and are offering ongoing dna upgrades, that supports us in upleveling our dna to being able to expand our consciuosness but also our physical ability to host these high vibrational energies, that are needed for us to acentualize our ascension and rise enough in frequency to embody the galactic consciousness, that is needed to exist and prosper in the higher dimensional timeline realities of infinite potential, that enable us to embody and anchor the new earth Eden Template.

They have showed me, that the purpose of this next upgrade is to configurate the neural circuitry of our brain to what they call nuclear consciousness. I understand it is a sort of quantum consciousness, where we become a living online akashic field or universal consciousness library (like a satelite or should we say starportal). The neural circuitry in our brain determine how we process energy and information and is linked with our heart intellegence electric circuitry. To process the huge bombardements of galactic plasma of extreme high frequency and UV colour spectrum pouring into the planet this upgrade will be extremely beneficial.

How our brain perform is determined by our brains ability to conduct and process information and energy without going into overload, which can cause damage or tension in our central nervous system… many of us have already felt how our central nervous system is challenged by the high frequencies coming into the planet. Likewise a copper cable can conduct and transduce information faster and more precisely than a common cable. They also made the analogy that when you put a 100 Watt bulb in a socket, than can only span 40 Watt great tension is created until the point when there is an overload and the fuse blows.

So the purpose of this upgrade and activation is to quantum shift our neural pathways and electrical circuitry to easier “handle” universal quantum intellegence, which will take us to the next level supporting our mastery of our multidimensional toolkit, which consists of telepathy, telekinesis, bilocation, teleportation, rejuvenation and much more, that we are yet to discover and re-member. However to being able to do this our bodies need to rise in frequency and being able to handle the high UV spectrum plasma, that is ushered in to support us in this and for us to navigate intergalactic space in our light vehicles (including our physical crystaline bodies) it is indeed mandatory.

So if you feel called to join us for this activation you are indeed part of the galactic groundcrew forerunners and are in the knowing, that interdimensional travelling and your galactic gifts are indeed real and inherent abilities, that we need to reignite and remember, however the importance of rising our frequency is paramount and thus the Arcturians are supporting us with these dna activations to upgrade our dna as humanity has suffered severe fragmentations of our dna by the Archons and various malevolent entities, that had their own agenda throughout human evolution. It is time we claim our true galactic mastery. Click on link below to join us coming Sunday May 31th 2020:


Grace Solaris and the Arcturians