Parisse Deza: Using this Eclipse Cycle and Solstice to Quicken Human Consciousness

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomWe are entering a month of transformational energy of fantastic possibility.

With this full moon on Friday, June 5th, a three-eclipse window (normally there are two), with the second one right on the Summer Solstice, opens for us.

Why Is This So Big?

Eclipses, solstices, and equinoxes are known to produce great happenings because they are natural portals to the Magical World of alchemical energy. The Catholic Church so feared eclipses that it took extra measures to scare pagans out of doing ceremonies during these times. We can make powerful use of them now to advance our evolution by joining minds with the same intention at the same time: to advance humanity out of its programmed state of fear and ignorance into one of trust and freedom. Key word: Relaxation. Old lizard mind of fear and survival yields to Natural Mind of peace in trust.

Eclipses, solstices, and equinoxes are the most powerful and transformative times of the year. They outweigh any normal planetary transits because transits take place within duality, yin and yang, while eclipses, solstices, and equinoxes are junctures of Primordial energy, the pure, unconditioned energy of the universe. While transits mark important shifts, it is the primordial junctures that create them. Primordial portals open wide to vacuum out old energies and recalibrate consciousness to a higher vibration.

Yin and yang are the two operational forces of Creation from which we create experience. One Feminine, one Masculine, they co-operate as a harmony of opposite polarities, such as night-day, cold-hot, woman-man, breathe in-breathe out, contract-expand. The third energy is the Primordial, which holds it all together and harmonizes the extremes the two create. Without the stabilizing, neutral energy of the Primordial, Creation would not continue. All imbalances produced within duality are corrected only by Primordial energy. When we great beings go into the inner emptiness, the still center of meditation where peace and love are in abundance, that is what we visit. This is the space or vibration of the central channel, where time does not exist. It is spiritual zero point, the highest alchemical power.

Imagine a huge column of clear, colorless, unconditionally accepting energy extending infinitely above, below, and through you. Now imagine one side of you yin and one side of you yang, the two interacting back and forth in play, like a figure eight, taking turns leading, like your body does when you walk. That back-and-forth play of opposites is held in balance by the column of energy going up and down the middle. (Think tube torus.)

This column arrangement is what is acted out by the physical universe during eclipses, solstices, and equinoxes. It physically aligns so the central channels of each body involved (Sun, Moon, Earth, Human) are unified physically and vibrationally. Only this column of Primordial energy can transmute the issues residing in the human psyche that are generated by the yin and yang interplay of daily life in individuals and society, and Creation in general.

Holding this space as a group will produce enormous energetic momentum and sway.

When Specifically Is This Happening?

The three dates in Arizona Mountain time are:

June 5th – full moon lunar eclipse 12:12 pm

June 20th – summer solstice 2:44 pm and new moon solar eclipse 11:41 pm

July 4th – full moon lunar eclipse 9:44 pm

Go here for your location’s moon times:

Here for your location’s solstice times:

Be sure to set the system for your location so you have the right times.

Three Important Points About This

We have an eclipse on the day of the summer solstice, giving us a double whammy of Primordial energy.

We have an eclipse on the Fourth of July in America, which will provide major fireworks.

Eclipses last for several hours, approximately two on either side of the centerpoint of the event. Check your local data for the time span so you can be precise. Arranging group meditations and ceremonies that span an entire eclipse, or even just a large part of it, can be phenomenally powerful in their effects, and we don’t have to be in the same place to do that. We can do it all by resonance.

What Ripple Effects Can We Create?

At this moment in human evolution, the forces of light and dark seem to be having a battle. Our group emotional pain body is highly activated, all issues are up, highlighted, and screaming for resolve. Is humanity having a breakdown or a breakthrough? Both. In an effort to rebirth, it is having a birthquake.

Our responsibility as spiritual alchemists calls us. Just as in all those science studies of meditators who join at specific times to quell crime in their cities, by entering the stillness together we can assist the Universe in its movement to upgrade human consciousness, and the balance of power will shift spontaneously in human society. As vibration raises, experience changes for the better because people start thinking differently.

What Are We Aiming For?

We have to have a vision.

On the ground level of American reality, this means our society reverts from fraudulent, oppressive statutory law, where the spirit of free will is disrespected and it is challenging to pursue happiness, to American Common Law, which reflects our natural state of being, where we are free to do whatever we want as long as we are not actually harming anyone. Then, the golden rule “do unto others” returns as the law of the land.

In this mode of awareness, we respect and feel good about ourselves, we feel the empowerment of being self-responsible creators of reality instead of victims to it. People who feel good about themselves do not commit crimes in fear and anger. They commit creations of beauty in love and joy, because higher vibrations are motivating them. People who feel good about each other are prone to sharing and peace. So our quake is a jolt back into our natural state of trust in life, and herd mentality gives way to true consciousness.

There is nothing more in alignment with the meaning of the Aquarian Age than this concept: Total respect for individual sovereignty within the context of the common good, for therein lies freedom, real security, and happiness.

And in this world, everything is beautiful…

(from the 1937 movie, Lost Horizon)

How Do We Focalize This?

Now when we sit in meditation or do ceremony this month of eclipses, envisioning the old disappearing and being replaced by the new is all that is needed.

The key to creating what we want is in seeing things the way we want them to be as if they are here already. This causes vibrational resonance between the vision and Life’s energy, and that’s what brings it into reality. We focus on what’s currently present only momentarily so we establish a creative tension that pulls us forward. Old is substituted with new.

This simple concept is at the root of healing, and the lack of its understanding is why old paradigm systems, like modern medicine, fail. Allopathy, mostly based on fighting against an enemy, makes the body into a battlefield that often doesn’t survive the conflict. Being “treated” by a medical doctor is the third leading cause of death in America, called iatrogenic illness because their methods are not natural.

The medicine of our future is the understanding that life is one with us, not against us, there is nothing to fight against or be afraid of. Fear as a way of life does not engender life. What does is Trust in Life. Trust is a state of personal power in which we use the lifeforce to create healthfully.

There’s a funny thing about reality. The present looks very real to us, fixed. It stays that way because we believe it is real, but it is in fact the past we created that hasn’t yet faded into the future. As we are easily programmable, we look out and see “what is” and don’t think beyond it so something new can come true. This is why we should not try to change or fight against anything that’s “real”. This only recreates it and fixes it more firmly in time. Acknowledging “what is” should be only a moment in the process of creativity, a moment in which we realize, “Hey, I don’t want this anymore. It doesn’t fulfill me. I want something different now.” In that moment of choosing the better thing, we shift our vibration higher and invite the Universe to create it for us. Ask, and receive. Two simple steps. No middle steps involving changing anything that preexists. We just drop it. That way our hands are empty and open to receiving.

The Key of Keys to all this is: Relaxation, no matter what.

Let’s Create Something Beautiful Now

So as we face this old world in decline and demise, watching the silly, violent drama of egoic forces playing themselves out, we can remember, so we don’t get entangled in its chaos, that all we see is very temporary, and not to be taken seriously, because we are moving to a new place, a place which more perfectly reflects what’s possible, what’s divine, what Plato referred to as “the Good, the Beautiful, and the True”. (Doesn’t it make you happy to think that?)

With that in mind, I imagine many unified millions of us, simultaneously concentrating on the incoming Aquarian Age replacing the obsolete structures of the old paradigm with everything human-friendly. Friendly.

What was here before is now a memory fading. What is here instead is a smiling, free-flowing, playfully-trusting-in-life group of sovereign humans living together on a clean, fresh-smelling, brightly lit and happily-humming new Earth in peace and happiness, sharing resources. Relaxed humanity enjoying itself.

Let’s hold the highest vision and see what’s possible as the year unfolds…

Parisse Deza has 47 years experience in self-cultivation arts, and calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona since December, 2015.