What Sexual Positions a Man Should Learn to Last Longer in Bed

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomIf there’s one thing that plagues the minds of men more than anything else, it’s their sexual performance. Intercourse is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable activities between two consenting adults, but many men deal with premature ejaculation, which can turn this joyful activity into a frustrating and stressful one.

Having the power to control when and how you ejaculate is a basic, yet, an important element of the experience. Even though this topic is still quite sensitive to talk about in our society, this phenomenon is more common than most people would think. There are a lot of ways that can be used to delay ejaculation, both medically and naturally. But one of the most efficient ways to control ejaculation is to introduce a variety of sexual positions in your repertoire. Read on to learn more about the different sexual positions that can help you last longer.


The general rule is, with any position you choose, you need to work on limiting the number of thrusts and their intensity. Whether you’re able to last hours or minutes, thrusts are far from being the only enjoyable thing you can do during sex. You wouldn’t believe how enjoyable foreplay can be for both partners. Additionally, instead of only focusing on penetration, you can focus on other forms of oral stimulation to each other’s erogenous zones. With penetration, try and reduce the thrusting motion and use a circular motion instead.


The Cowgirl is a pretty popular position with both women and men, and for very good reasons. This position involves the woman being on top. This helps with being able to accurately and flexibly control the speed while stimulating both of their sensitive spots. This way, women will be able to reach orgasm while being in control of how fast or slow their pace is to help the man control his ejaculation. This makes it one of the best sex positions to last longer, and it is equally pleasurable for both partners. Even though the penetration can be very deep, the speed of the person on top will never match other positions that force men to thrust quickly.

Clitoral Alignment

This position provides a lot of contact between the shaft of the penis and the clitoris. According to the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, women who couldn’t orgasm through the missionary position reported a huge increase in the frequency of orgasms using this technique. The structure is similar to that of the missionary position, with a few minor differences. Shift your upper body a little bit to the side, having your chest in front of your partner’s shoulder, and ask them to bend their knees about 45 degrees. This will cause your penis to be in constant contact with the clitoris. The aim of this position is to ensure your partner is stimulated while you remain in control of thrusting slowly.


Similar to how you regularly spoon with your partner, you’ll both be on your side with you as the big spoon. Have your partner stick their butt out, and even raise one leg a bit in the air. You’ll be able to slip right in there with the right positioning. This will help you last longer because you won’t have a lot of room for deep and long thrusts. You’ll also notice that going too fast will cause you to slip out, which means you’ll be focusing on an extra element. The slow and steady movement coupled with careful positioning will ensure you last much longer.

The Anvil

This position isn’t just about lasting longer, but also focused on targeting the G-spot, which will help your partner achieve orgasm much quicker than normal. This will help you feel confident about the rest of the session because you won’t need to worry about your partner being unsatisfied in a short intercourse session. Have your partner lay on their back, lift their legs while kneeling in between, and rest their legs on your shoulders. Use a variety of thrusts and circular motion to keep your penis in constant contact with the wall of the vagina. Try to be as gentle as possible at first because this angle can go really deep.

The beauty of the positions listed above lies in their pleasurable outcomes for both partners. Lasting longer means you get to have more enjoyable sex, while your partner can orgasm more than once if they can. You don’t need to overthink while having sex. Instead, focus more on your partner’s enjoyment to get the most out of it. Don’t choose one position and leave out the rest. Try to use a variety of the positions mentioned if you want to go as long as possible without being interrupted by the urge to ejaculate.