Life Tapestry Creations: Perfect Harmony

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

You know what you want and need to do. Yet, there’s some hesitation for you feel as if you have isolated yourself by doing so. All that once provided you with comfort seems to be fading away – only to be replaced with emptiness.

So it is you pulled away from your 3D knowingness to a sense of not quite understanding who you are. Similar to moving to a new community. Even though you were uncomfortable enough to leave your former community, you retain some fond memories of what was. Wondering if all that was uncomfortable would have been worth the pain of remaining in that community – for you knew how and when to act.

You have practiced your 3D game plan for decades. Even though that game plan was not necessarily you, it was comfortable and expected. Others reacted similarly. So it was that everyone had a common script using the lines directed by society instead of from within.

Now that you and so many others are beginning to go off-script, you are no longer confident that your actions and reactions are right or “normal.” What if by claiming yourself, you lose your life of knowing how to act and react, your friends and family, your job? Fear factors that rise quickly in waves and then disappear.

You know what you need to do, but it feels so lonely at times despite that knowingness. So it is you question yourself and your actions.

Would it not be easier to return to the social script? Yet, when you attempt to do so, you feel even lonelier. For there is no longer the connection, you once felt so strongly.

Who are you? Are you isolating yourself for no reason? Where are your rewards in this challenging time? Where is your outer sense of rightness?

You have added dimensions and frequencies that have little to do with who you were in 3D. You are a new being attempting to fit into the old – which is not possible. For you have evolved far beyond that. You are a new being. Of course, we have stated the same over and over for months, but you never fully understand what that would mean.

You believed you would continue your life with a few shifts here and there. Perhaps finding a new group of friends or a new job. What you are discovering is that nothing that was seems right or comfortable. So you attempt to return to 3D normal and are bored or confused by your lack of interest. Yet, there is nothing to replace your 3D life. You are in an emotional limbo finding all that was once interesting, boring.

So it is you are more frightened than you have been for some time. Not because you are doing anything wrong, but because none of your former actions feel right. Your overriding concern is, “Who am I?” For you want to have a visible circle of friends, a great job, a loving family – all of which now seems outside your possibilities.

You are different in all aspects of your social, emotional, and physical being – something you did not understand a few months ago. As if new you were a fun fairy tale you could read about, but that would not touch you in any special way. Your life would go on with a few perks here and there.

Such is not the case. You are a new being with new needs and interests.

Even though many of those you hold in your heart are changing also, they are on a different path than you. So their changes will not necessarily correspond to yours. Nor would you want them to. For you will discover that anyone who wants to join you on your path will be irritating. But then, you want others to be on a similar path.

Which is little different than watching two toddlers go about their day. Both content to do what they want to do. If the two toddlers were placed together, they might be interested in the same toy or activity – or not. No one finds that strange, for they are unique individuals exploring what they wish to explore. Yet, as you aged in 3D, that uniqueness became an obstacle, a negative.

So it is you are now returning to your toddler interests. Finding this but not that interesting. And your friends and relatives are doing the same.

This is no longer a one-stop shopping earth. New venues are popping up that hold someone’s interest for a minute until they do not. Just as is required for new earth with a new direction and new humans. Allow that to be. Then, allow yourself to know that this is a time of unique, individual exploration.

This is not crowd-think or action time and will likely never be again of the earth. Each of you wishes to explore that which you prepared for throughout the eons. You have already fully explored group think and action.

It is time to shift to unique thought and action. An activity that will blend more harmoniously than group-think ever did. Just as is true for a choir of different voices. Allow yourself to follow your heart, and you will find your unique place. The place that gives you joy.

Know that you will not be alone for long. For all are tuning into those frequencies that blend in perfect harmony. Your choir is forming. Just not as rapidly as you would like. So be it. Amen.


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