Jenny Schiltz: Exercise to Assist with Psychic Attacks

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomI wanted to share some information and a technique to assist you through these times. I have had family, friends, and clients reach out because they felt something wasn’t right in their form. Every single one had something that was trying to attach to them and feed. It had caused body pain, nightmares, one even felt the bed shake and that she was paralyzed during it.

Two days ago, I received information that I needed to protect and cloak my grandchildren. They are all under a year old, high vibrating little beings and are extremely sensitive to the shifts in energy. At the time I assumed it was because of the collective energy being so turbulent and dense. I am now realizing that it is much more than that.

I connected with spirit and what they explained is that as part of the new location we are in and the planet rising in vibration, lower vibrating beings are being cleared out of the astral plane. This is fantastic news. However, if any of these lower vibrating beings can attach and feed off a higher vibrating person they can still survive in this space even if the Astral is cleared . This has left many people feeling psychically attacked.

I asked for a way that we can assist ourselves and they recommended doing the exercise of putting on The Cloak of Christ. The exercise below is adapted from the Rumi Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. I love this deck and the link to it is at the bottom.

Sit quietly and visualize the dark night sky, full of deep blues, blacks and purples. The stars are shining so bright. The stars are not hindered by city lights and you can see more than you ever have.

Take a deep breath and reach up and pull down the night Sky and wrap yourself in it, as if it is the warmest, softest blanket you have ever felt. Take a deep breath and ask that you receive the Cloak of The Christ. Call on all the beings that align with the Christ consciousness to assist you in clearing your entire being of anything that is not yours and in cloaking your entire energy field from any lower beings. Sit with this until your field feels pure, calm, and expansive.

When you feel that it is complete, express your love and gratitude for the assistance.

Parents and grandparents, you can absolutely do this for young children. However, if you can get them to participate in playing with non-ordinary reality in this way it is much more powerful. Active participation teaches and empowers them to care for their energy field.

I hope that this quick message is helpful and that it finds you well. Take care of yourself in each other as we transverse this really amazing but bumpy time. Thank you to all who share the blog as it often gets lost on social media. Sending you all lots of love.

Jenny Schiltz!

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