Archangel Haniel: Fear Is Contagious, So Is Love

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThe path of war,

To rise and keep on walking with determination, that is the path of a warrior who strives for the end of all wars.

Beloved human,

Returning into the realm of light and love of God is the only aim you shall and can fully dedicate yourself to now.

Up until now, such a path used to be paved with big hurdles and almost insurmountable obstacles. Now the energy has shifted. A new, light and luminous force is taking the reigns on earth. That way, all human impulses for the manifestation of light are gaining strength.

Today your inner wish, your innermost longing for peace and happiness, for harmony, unity and freedom, can manifest.

All you need is your imperturbable faith, your strong will, and the courage to persevere in seemingly hopeless situations.

Today the very forces that programmed transiency into this matrix, very effectively keep up the illusion of helplessness. In order to make humans believe that choosing the Good shows no effect and that all they can do is give into fate, an extensive machinery of manipulation was set in motion. Humans erroneously believe that they are facing this reality without any possibilities of luminous creation, and that they are defenselessly at the mercy of the course of time.
You make all the difference!

This error needs to be corrected in your consciousness – which means in your thoughts, your feelings and your perception.

You make all the difference, because as soon as you awaken, reality – as you have perceived it so far – ends.

Make it your goal to always have an intact inner connection with the divine. Never let any opportunity pass to counteract or remove any possible interference.

Being in touch with your inner wisdom, your true nature and your brothers and sisters from the light, is your vital umbilical cord that connects you with everything and provides you with all you need.

Many influences are in play today trying to make you forget about this inner connection or to weaken it to the extent that you can’t perceive any signals from your own inner guide anymore. You need to put all your energy into preventing this, and dedicate yourself fully to keeping your connection with your Self intact.

You can do so through regular spiritual practice, by working on expanding your consciousness, and by cleansing your energy body. Also, no illusion of this matrix can seem true to you anymore, as long as you remain connected to the divine truth.

This is the only anchor throughout this time that, on upper earth, is still full of negative influences on the individual. In order to find your way back to yourself, you need spiritual anchors and glimpses of hope that you can only become aware of through introspection.
Converting fear into love

Allow yourself this time for introspection. Put yourself in the position of greater perspective on the full picture. Don’t get infected by everyday events and circumstances that are causing fear and upheaval all over the world.

There is only one truly contagious disease that has infected all of humanity and needs healing before you can return into the light: fear.

This self-liberation of humans is now predetermined. Certain fears lose their power and become ineffective in more and more people.

Manipulations on a large scale are recognized as such by more and more people and are no longer paid any attention to.

The less fear and the more love a human being experiences, the more energy is removed from the system that is solely based on fear.

So don’t get infected by fears, but get absorbed by God’s love instead.

Thus your own healing and transformation processes are coming full circle. Once you redeem yourself, you redeem everything along with you.

Become aware of this! Setbacks shouldn’t be viewed as an obstacle but as an assignment to bravely look at one or another shadow or mistake.

You are surrounded by your family from the light. Various plains are here to serve you, so that you can achieve your goal on earth and bring your cycle of incarnations to an end.

Your rebirth on a planet this dense is only foreseen if you leave behind unfinished business – or if higher missions lead you here once more.

Make an effort to give it you all! Don’t pay attention to any hindrance and let go of what ties you to this world!

For the bridge of no return can only be crossed without horse and carriage – by the rider alone. The light of Creation is omnipresent and the love of the Creator is limitless.


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl