Message from your Hostess of Light: Retrogrades

solar system eraoflightdotcomAs mercury slowly turns the cycle of time into its retrograde, all of humanity and planet Earth look back thru time within themselves and within their memories Seeking Comfort, security, Love and Hope. The funny thing about memories is that no two are alike. This will become animated as we come face-to-face with the trickster Mercury. Comparing memory notes can be somewhat of a spirited game as no two individuals remember the same event, in the same order of time. There is not a right or wrong there is just many dimensions and times. So whose memory is truth, whose memory holds more clout? Do you adjust your memories and intertwine, blending them with the memories of another, helping to create a new tapestry of Truth?

Mercury like a nagging spouse asks us to mend our Nets, to finish our to-do list and to stop procrastinating. Mercury takes all of its Spidey senses and moves them inward to self so that your perspective will soften allowing you to love the creation you are at this moment in time, having no regrets or an emotional regatta to sail off into. It’s time for us to spread our hearts, our arms, are wings, hopes and look for the Winds of Change that will Usher us upward far away from all the Lilliputians of Chaos. The Earth had total peace for a minuscule aspect of time but in that inward holy breath she healed intrinsically and expansively. For a sliver of time there was World Peace in the middle of complete Cosmic bedlam. For a sliver of time we bent like the willow tree, over in pressure, in humbleness, and in prayer on bended knee.

Our time on Earth has reached a planetary abacus of choice, each one of us representing a bead in time. Our Earth time has shortened, as our gravitational pull has increased. That which has been hiding now is in plain sight as our eyes adjust to see through the dark streaks. With Mercury we see with the eyes of an owl asking who, while our fingers point outward. The gifts that come between now and the dog days of summer are shining, brilliant and perceived in the fullness of this time-frame. The signs in the sky you have asked for are now about to be birthed. Like a blind prophet of old, read the signs with your heart not your logic. This month we will hail Mercury retrograde as it makes us sit down and eat all of our emotional peas and carrots, while preparing us for upcoming chapters of cosmic shift in accordance with Divine Decree.

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