The Final Collapse in the Powerful Gateway of this Eclipse/Solstice

the light within eraoflightdotcomBeloved groundcrew starseeds, beloved sisters and brothers you are called forth at this time to stand tall in and for the final collapse in the powerful gateway of this Eclipse/Solstice June 21st 2020 where a massive starportal is opening up for each of us to step into our divine sovereignty for the final closure of the old timelines of the old earth enslavement hologram. In the throws of this powerful gateway we will be supported in tearing away the veils and pulling of the masks of obedience and submission and proclaim ourself as sovereign beings of light as our own state and law. It is time for the final collapse of the enslavement mind controle narrative, that has been aiming to take full dominion over the planet and the children of god walking this earth.

Now is the time to arise to our true might and become the saints that in truth we are, to rise beyond the enslavement protocol designed to keep us small and disempowered, that have made us into sinners doomed to a life in hell. We were never sinners, but were held in the belief, that we were separated from god, that we were unworthy and inferior to those, that hold the scepters of authhority and hide behind masks and “badges” of power, the 1% and all those, that have sold their soul and complied to play by their rules and become their minions.

We can no longer wait for someone to fix it or save us, no goverment, no guru, no president, no pope is going to save you… it is up to each of us to proclaim ourself as sovereign beings and become our own state and law… no vaccine, no mask will protect you, only the glorious spark of light, your god spark of light will lift you into divine immunity from further abuse and mind pollution (mind take-over) , from any virus contamination of your mind projected onto you, as soon as you fully embody and own your divine spark of light I Am Presence.

You are invited to join together as one to stand tall and make a collective quantum step into divine sovreignty to ensure the final collapse thru your mighty I Am Presence and the seeding of the 144000 frequency of light, that is your inherent glorious god spark of light. The beloved Blue Avians will be joining the Arcturians in the monumental Solar Eclipse/Solstice gateway of unprecedented potential to end this horrid agenda to depopulate and rob our souls from its galactic intellegence and free will by cleansing our dna and upgrading us thru a download of our divine blueprint and crystaline freedom codes of the new earth. If you feel called to respond to your ability and free yourself join us for this monumental and revolutionary transmission as we create a tsnuami of mass awakening to catapult a downfall of the “Fallen Ones” and their draconian nightmare agenda. It is time to write a new story and fulfill the prophecy of bringing this horror narrative to an end to usher in the new heaven on earth. You are the rising of the new dawn.

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