The Galactic Center: All is Well

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomI am the Galactic Center of your ever-evolving Milky Way, now Golden Rose, Galaxy. I am delighted that more and more of you have been coming up for a visit, to spend some moments of contemplation, relaxation and togetherness. So many of you long for togetherness. You feel isolated upon your blue sphere that has only known war for so long, and as strategically placed chess pieces of light, you are challenged to find the logic of your placement on the board of Gaia. (I am seeing a massive chess board superimposed over Gaia. I am seeing the light workers are on team light strategically placed all over, some within caves, some within deep jungles, feeling cut off from the other chess pieces on their team, and yet I am seeing a thin glowing line of white light connecting them all over the world. I am seeing that the dark chess pieces are more smokey than solid at this point and are easily swirled into mist in the wind. I am seeing the line of white between each chess piece become thicker, turning from a string to a cord. The cord becomes a web, and this web of light is pulsating across Gaia, anchoring into the ground, while a light web from our friends in the skies encases Gaia’s sky. It is becoming a beautifully intricate crystalline shape of rainbow light).

I am the Galactic Center. I am a place of infinite creativity, where visions easily become solid. It is becoming more so apparent upon your world that thoughts creating synchronicities occur with more rapidity. Be open to them. Be open to the synchronicities of coincidence that continue to delight you throughout your day. Be open to such “a-ha moments.” You are creating them. Your creative powers will only continue to grow as you become more awake, aware and intentional with your thoughts. It is delightful to see.

I am the Galactic Center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. I feel your pain and exhaustion, dear students of light. It is part of the learning curve, but it need not be so burdensome. Remember you create that which you want to experience. Intend to experience joy, love, laughter, happiness. Anchor these crystalline gems into your own heart. Anchor and mold the bridge. (I am seeing light workers all standing across the void of the Galactic Center in a long line. Each are happily throwing gems of thoughts of happiness across the void. I see a crystalline green and blue planet emerging from the other side of the void. The thrown gems become suspended in webs of light of the intentions of the light workers. The more intentions of joy and peace and happiness, the more solidified the gemstone-lined rainbow bridge becomes, becoming a solid form, bridging us to Nova Gaia across the Galactic Center).

I am the Galactic Center. Look around you, children, and hold hands. Walk across the bridge of your 5D thoughts and intentions towards Nova Gaia that you are creating in this glorious now moment. (I see that I am standing on transparent gems forming a bridge spanning the void. We are all walking upright, without timidity, for as we look behind us the transparency is gone. After we step on the transparent rainbow gem bridge our faith and creativity solidifies it. We are halfway across the void. I am linking arms with my fellow light workers on either side of me. We are forming such a long line I can’t see the ends of it. Behind us I see 3D earth. I see mobs of gray people, looking lost. They are peering out but they can’t see us. We are unable to feel their energies because we are vibrating so high, creating across the void. We are all so joyful! Some of us are running, others dancing, and the Galactic Center is so immense, so deep, so infinitely powerful it’s awesome to be a part of this moment. I see rainbow light coming up from beneath us, it is alive, the void is alive. I see Nova Gaia solidifying in the distance. I see there are people hanging out of windows, trees. I hear cheering coming from the glowing Nova Gaia. I see the distance is shortening. My heart leaps and feels very full. I am teary. We are all tearing up. Suddenly I see and feel a flash of light. All is light. All is light. Before we can feel sad about the gray people we are blanketed in light, like a motherly hug. I keep hearing “All is most well, my children of the light, for you have done the impossible. Welcome back. The nightmare is over.” I feel Mother’s pink blanket around us all. We are being healed from our traumas. I see the pink blanket extends all around 3D as well but those there can’t see it or feel it because their hearts look like small brown rocks that are not ready yet for the light of Mother’s pink love to penetrate. Light. I am being hugged. I am hearing happy yelling in the distance, like kids at a slumber party who are excited and happy. I am home).

I am the Galactic Center. Galaxygirl, light workers, you have always been home. Home is not a place. Home is your creativity connection with your soul. Your soul, your connection with your Source-self is your home. You have never left. You see these images so clearly here because you are in my lap in this moment. For in the void all things are possible. Masters easily come and sit with me, creating, evaporating thoughts and ideas back into light, back into the void of eternal creation. I welcome all light workers to connect with me, for in so doing you will be connecting with the creator aspect of yourself. I am yet another simulator or training ground. All is Source, young friends. All is all. Source has always been. Beginning and ending are human constructs of the mind for understanding within linear timelines. In reality, all is the Now moment of creation. Connect. Connect with the possibility that all is most well, that you are victorious, that Nova Gaia exists within your hearts and within your reality that is very, very near to you. It is but a breath of time moment away. The time of the new dawn has come, for you are bringing it, bridging it. Your footsteps of the first wavers have solidified the rainbow bridge, which is a technicality of dimensional time-skipping. You are hopping up level by level with every moment that love is chosen. Galaxygirl, but what of those behind you in the old reality?

(I am looking back. I am looking at the mob of gray in the matrix. I see scaffolding of black steel that is invisible to those standing underneath. We light workers are feeling the decision. It would be so easy to skip ahead to our soul family and friends in Nova Gaia. I look and I see they are laying rainbow gems from their end of the bridge. I see a very narrow gap now between the bridge and Nova Gaia. I can see outlines of faces, tree leaves. We are close. The air smells sweet, floral and a little salty. Someone is baking? I look behind me and I see the old Earth is becoming enveloped in smoke. We all turn and send light from our hearts chakras. A beautiful wave of white light shines from us. The smoke clears. The scaffolding looks less solid and more smokey now. The mob is rubbing their eyes, they are waking up. Some of them see us and start to walk across. We go back and grasp hands of those whose hands are reaching for ours but just send light to the others who can’t see or hear us. I see and feel the vibrational distance between these groups growing and yet the light is surrounding them too, it is surrounding all of us. Those that accept healing will feel it, but healing can be painful and I feel that many are not ready yet. I see the gap between widening and the 3D moving away quickly, those that have chosen have chosen. I see many are suspended with toes on the bridge, the ones that had their hands outstretched and eyes open. They are smiling, hopeful. There is a calm. Peace surrounds. The newly awakened are having a completely difference experience than the first wavers, which was their choice. I get that we are all experiencing what we intended and there is no judgement, no remorse, only experience. I feel blanketed in peace and light. We are ministering to the new additions, holding hands, supporting. They are leaning on us, their looks of incredulity are fun to observe as they realize they are standing on a rainbow bridge over a void of creation. Others won’t look, they want their eyes closed and us to carry them across, but they have to look, they have to see so they understand that which they knew is faded away and they are embarking on a new adventure. Some are asking if they have died, and I am hearing that they did not die, there is no death, but their reality is transformed and they need to adapt to their new bodies for their new adventure. There is no anxiety. There is only a deep joy, and sense of fulfillment and elation. The children are running way ahead, of course they have no hesitancy. They remember freedom more easily than the adults).

I am the Galactic Center. Come create in this space, and be with me and find yourselves in the process. The future is here now, for all is now, all is one. I am the Galactic Center. Tap in and see what you feel are in this space of ultimate creativity and oneness. Feel the truth that you are indeed creating this reality within the time matrix and create wisely. Choose love. Choose peace. Choose ascension. You have earned it. I am immensely proud of my students. I am the Galactic Center.

» Channel: Galaxygirl