Your Soul’s Adventure

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomThe incoming energy is burning through the veils of our attachments revealing whatever is blocking our ability to fully embrace our destiny.

Our inner life is being electrified as powerful and unexpected events rise asking us to look deeply into our present circumstances and conditions. Whatever suffering we have carried on our human journey is coming up to be healed.

This is a time of profound awareness and understanding as defensive strategies and methods of denial fall away.

This may be a confusing time as you are being called to step out of the known and beyond the boundaries set by the past. As you cross the threshold from the known and into the unknown you may feel disorientated and lost.

Pause for a moment and allow yourself to adapt to this new space. Allow your intuition to emerge and guide you as you move forward. Remember that this is an adventure of your soul’s making. Trust it.

Much love

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