Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Khazarian Mafia Desperately Struggles to Survive

independent media network eraoflightdotcomThis week we would like to inform readers that our newsletter is under unprecedented attack and that your support is needed now more than ever. One of our main intelligence sources in South Asia is being held indefinitely in prison under life-threatening conditions based on planted evidence and trumped-up charges.

Another has vanished.  Yet another was poisoned with ricin.  Your correspondent has also been targeted over the past two months by no less than three poisoning attempts and survived with assistance from both NSA and Asian secret society sources.  This work carries risks that we all understand, but there is no alternative except to fight on as the fate of humanity is at stake.

Also, this writer was physically stopped from attending a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan to prevent me from asking Japanese Defense Minister Kono Taro about the Fukushima mass murder event.  Of course, similar harassment is being reported by multiple truth reporting media outlets.

This is all part of an incredibly hysterical propaganda war based around the so-called COVID-19 coronavirus.  We are seeing fake news portals like the New York Times, Reddit, and the Drudge report filling over half their output with fake stories.  If you see the words COVID, Russia, Trump, or Hong Kong in any of these, or related outlets, you are almost certainly reading fiction.  As far as COVID is concerned, any reader can visit local hospitals and see what’s happening with their own eyes.

It is true that old people are dying from pneumonia and other causes, as always. But now, hospitals are being ordered to bypass typical treatment protocols and put patients with any sort of breathing difficulty on ventilators that result in fatalities with insurance bribes as incentives to label unrelated deaths as COVID.  The whole thing is a well-organized, coordinated fraud.  And yet it is resulting in incredible economic damage and personal harm to millions of people.

The source of the COVID fake news infection has been forensically traced to the Knights of Malta and the P3 Freemason lodge.

322 new Covid cases in Mississippi!
322 new Covid cases in Ohio! 
322 new Covid cases in Oman!
322 new Covid cases in Kentucky!
322 new Covid cases in Mississippi! 
322 new Covid cases in Armenia!
322 new Covid cases in Iraq!
322 Covid cases in Bangkok!
322 new Covid cases in Juarez!
322 new Covid cases in El Paso!
322 new Covid cases in Mexico City!
322 new Covid cases in Oaxaca!
322 new Covid cases in WISCONSIN!
322 new Covid cases in IOWA
322 new Covid deaths in DELAWARE
322 new Covid cases in Italy
322 new Covid cases in Massachussetts

(thanks to Jim Stone for spotting this)

Where have we seen this number before?

The original skull and bones can be found in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, a church built by the mother of Emperor Constantine, founder of Roman Christianity.

To quote from Wikipedia:

“The number “322” appears in Skull and Bones’ insignia and is widely reported to be significant as the year of Greek orator Demosthenes‘ death.[19][26][5] A letter between early society members in Yale’s archives[27] suggests that 322 is a reference to the year 322 BC and that members measure dates from this year instead of from the common era.  In 322 BC, the Lamian War ended with the death of Demosthenes and Athenians were made to dissolve their government and establish a plutocratic system in its stead, whereby only those possessing 2,000 drachmas or more could remain citizens.”

The fact that this number celebrates the triumph of plutocracy over democracy tells us exactly who we are dealing with in this COVID conspiracy: the families who own the fortune 500 companies.

They are pulling out all the stops because their control grid is threatened by secret negotiations now taking place concerning the Bretton Woods financial architecture set up after World War II, according to members of the Rothschild family.  This includes the World Bank, the Global Debt Facility, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the BIS and the IMF, according to these as well as MI6 sources.

The talks between high-level Asian and Western secret society representatives intend to replace the current financial architecture, which is based on Babylonian debt slavery, with a system that will be kick-started with a jubilee and offer great prosperity to all, and not just the top 0.1%.

There is a lot we cannot discuss here because of the sensitivity of these talks and the very real physical danger the participants face.  However, the Pentagon, the Asian Secret Societies, the British Commonwealth and many other powerful groups are backing the changes being discussed.

The main battlefield remains the United States, after President Donald Trump effectively nationalized the US operations of the Federal Reserve Board, and the chairman now reports to him.

This, and not the fake COVID virus pandemic, is the real reason why Americans travel to Europe and banned to so many other countries, NSA sources say. The nationalization of the FRG in the USA destroys many economic paradigms. According to According to the Atlanta Fed, US GDP had fallen by up to 55% by June 5.

If this were true, US GDP would be below the India and would thus be the third largest economy in the world and not its superpower.

However, the data overlook the fact that most Americans thanks to money, sent by the Nationalized Fed directly to the people, no income decline of 55% and many – especially at the lower end of the pyramid – actually have a better standard of living.

Report now NSA sources indicate that 8 out of 10 Americans benefit from rent or mortgage payments will be received. In other words, a kind of de facto anniversary has begun. No wonder the Babylonian slave masters have Trump and his Attack the regime hysterically.

The main problem with the USA is, of course, that most of the domestic overseas (mainly to China) and the reconstruction of the industry has been …will take years. This is leading to a shortage of many goods, especially jewellery from China. For this reason Walmart has started to sell used items.

The Europeans, still under Babylonian control, are now circling the wagons about the Roman tribal leader Angela Merkel. In an interview with 5 newspapers, the was strongly promoted by the corporate media, Merkel said: We grew up in the safe knowledge that the United States was world power.

If the United States should now, of its own free will. we’d have to think very deeply about it. In a crisis of this on a massive scale… what needs to be done in this case is extraordinary. angela-merkel-interview-in-full

In the interview, Merkel veiled her threat to bring the EU closer to China.

Also the fact that Europe bans visitors from the USA means in reality that they fear an ideological contagion, because, as I personally have learned from hospital visits, the COVID excuse is fake.

Of course, the battle within the United States is far from over, as to the violent paid protests, the restrictions that governors have imposed on and the heavy, almost crippling, power struggles in Washington DC can see.

This battle will intensify over the summer. But in the end. of the day, it will be the U.S. forces and police authorities who will prevail will be.

Right now, they’re gathering mainly around Trump. But what the Q fighters who gather around Trump must realize is that the USA is not an island.

The rest of the world needs the help of the US military to Planets to protect. The people of the world are also willing to give generously for services such as peacekeeping, environmental protection and exploration of the universe to pay.

We are facing a planetary crisis of extinction and environmental destruction, and the US military has a key role to play in this.

Here’s an example of what will happen if the US armed forces of the Earth.

Two of our Southeast Asian news sources were were attacked and have been in contact with death in hospital, which from reporting a new genocide that will most likely prevent began in Cambodia.

The following message came from a third source, which was would like to remain anonymous for reasons of personal security: Report from Cambodia Since the 2012 elections, Hun S’en and his party have lost power, which is due to the recent local elections have been confirmed.

In response, Hun Sen beheaded the victorious opposition party HSD. Then Hun Sen declared the HSD party illegal.

Now, anyone who wants the government in criticized in any way, put in prison. Freedom of expression and freedom of the press exist not anymore.

All television stations and newspapers belong to Hun Sen and his relatives [(sounds like they’re learning from the USA)].

He benefited from a period of relative calm, after 5 years of Khmer Rouge (Khmer Rough) and 5 years of Vietnamese occupation, the people had begun to build the new consumer society.

However, Hun Sen retained most of the former Khmer Rouge clique (Pol Pot) in a power that was not evolving. He also lost contact and the Support for young people (60%) who see no future in this country.

The official growth of 6% is due to factories (mainly Chinese) from preferential access to the European markets (EBA) and real estate, especially for the Chinese. The real estate business enable them to launder money, but do not create a viable economy. This growth has enriched the communist ruling class and People marginalized.

In addition, the country of systematic plundering of its resources (wood, Mekong sand, etc.) suspended. The corona crisis Scamdemic makes the situation even worse.

Tourism is dead, the most hotels are closed and let the employees leave without pay. They are then no longer able to feed their families on the land.

The only Food that Cambodia grows is rice for export, since most food is imported from Vietnam and Thailand, but since all borders were closed, there has been no imported food for three months.

The Chinese have now left the country, the construction work has been stopped and Factories closed, so that the entire precarious economy is doomed to collapse.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the government has encouraged the granting of microcredits, and now that income is falling, most borrowers will not and lose their money, their house or their land to gangsters.

The schools will be closed until 2021, which will cause the bankruptcy of most private schools to will have consequences. The country is under new immigration restrictions, a $3,000 bail at entry, almost completely closed!

The government remains in power only through terror and coercion, the situation will within a month, when the people have no more reserves. The Prime Minister is ready to adopt an Emergency Law that will allow HS and its gives total power to communist cadres without any control.

With others Words: Cambodia is facing the Khmer Rouge 2.0

These are the kind of events that will happen all over the world when the Do not keep white hats in use. The agreement currently under negotiation will allow the US military to continue to to receive more funds than before.

Only this time, they’re going to take the people and Defend living beings on the planet and not steal resources for oligarchs.

From the three major Western power centres, London has reacted positively. We are now waiting for answers from Washington and Rome.


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