We Are Approaching a Critical Juncture in the Trajectory of this Ascension

light waves eraoflightdotcomWe are now approaching a critical juncture in the trajectory of this Ascension. A Grand Ascension portal is opening up on June 30, 2020, which will merge the current timeline of 3D duality with the 5D Ascension timeline. There are several coded astrological configurations that are aligning within the coming months which will be coalescing into a climax on the Lions Gate Portal on 8/8/2020. Sacred Christos Light Codes from the High Angelic Councils of Sirius B and Andromeda will be released into your Earth Plane at that point and will trigger a Global Activation of the 24 Sacred Nodes and Knowles located around the planet.

This will be a Galactic activation of Gaya’s sacred vortices that will trigger a massive DNA Activation for the Human Collective. This triggering will invoke a remembering within the consciousness of Humanity and many Starseeds and Lightworkers will be taking a leap into the next level of their awakening. This triggering will help reawaken memories from your ancient past and you will begin to realize who you truly are. You will begin to reactivate your innate 12 strand DNA and your plasma diamond light frequencies as you merge and reconnect with your Cosmic Christos Soul Monad.

Earth is going through its final purge at this point, dear ones. We, the ones of the Angelic Realms, are holding the blueprints of New Earth in its pristine Geometrical form in the 6th Dimensional plane of existence. We see the timelines that Humanity is merging within the near future and we are beyond excited. Within the coming decade, we see a very high probability emerging where Humanity makes First Contact with benevolent space civilizations.

In essence, First Contact has already been made with thousands of people upon the surface and this will expand exponentially to the point where Humanity is ready to receive and reconnect their beloved Star Family. This will be a time of great rejoicing as we re-establish integrative and collaborative bridges between the physical and the spiritual planes of existence. This will be the time when the veil is lifted and Humanity takes back their sovereignty and rejoins their rightful roles as Masters in a Galactic Reunion.

The ones who are holding the light for the planet at this time will be graduating to Ascended Master status in the years to come. It will be a time where all pain, suffering, poverty, and illness have been eradicated from the planet completely. Humanity will revel in the wonders that the Galaxy has to offer as their souls vibrate in perpetual ecstasy.

The Ascended Masters whom you love dearly will once again incarnate on this planet – and some already have! There will be age reversal technologies arriving in the form of Celestial Chambers that will allow you to experience perpetual youth and perfect health. You will live into hundreds of years and advanced technologies will grant you the ability to instantly manifest, delicious organic foods, and virtually anything you desire to manifest.

Dear Ones, This is the moment we have all been waiting for! We are calling upon all the lightworkers of the world to start raising your vibration to prepare for the momentous 8/8 Lions Gate Portal that is fast approaching. We realize that you are tired and weary and that you have been struggling with the chaos on the surface for quite some time now. Your efforts have not been in vain. We are very close to achieving the critical mass of light quotient needed to shift into the New Earth Timeline.

Stay focused on the prize Dear Ones and remember that we are so close to achieving World Peace and Freedom of Humanity from the clutches of Tyranny! We are calling upon each and every one of you to assist at this point by raising your vibration to allow the anchoring of the New Earth Cosmic Diamond Crystalline Frequencies that are arriving.

Human beings act as receivers of the Cosmic Frequencies and anchor them into the Sacred Grids of Gaya. The beloved Lightworkers incarnated upon the surface at this momentous time for this very reason – to assist with the anchoring of Diamond Light Frequencies. You anchor Cosmic light by purifying your vessels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Keep your thoughts pure, refrain from judgment, and negativity.

Cleanse your vessel once a week by taking on an organic green juice or water fast. Shake off the worries of this earthly realm by turning off the negative news and tune into dance, play, joy, and excitement. Spend time with soul family and connect with nature. Practice daily meditation and silence the mind so that you can trigger key codes that connect you with your Divine center. Uplevel and this time to add your highest possible frequency to the momentum of this critical juncture in time.

Make no mistake that you are in the middle of a spiritual war right now, and the battlefield is your Consciousness. It is up to each and every one of you to let go of fear and separation and start to tune into the transformational frequencies of unity in self, unity with others and unity with all that is. There is a simple choice to be made. Choose Love over Fear..

Siman-Ra Ascension

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