Message from God: News Channels Are Fear Machines

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Pay attention to how you deal with news! News is only there to draw you into the drama and keep your fears alive.

How do you feel after a news broadcast? Good or happy? “But how do you get the knowledge, the facts, if I don’t listen, read or watch the news?” you ask.

By specifically choosing formats that seem trustworthy to you, and by facing and resolving fear immediately after each scary report. That way, these fears can’t get stuck in you and cause unrest.

It is important that you stay in your inner center during your daily life and that you do not let yourself be pulled into the abyss that opens up before you every day.

The more negative reports you consume, the harder it is for you to stay in your center, inwardly in peace and neutrality. Dealing with messages from the deep vibrating ether of the 3rd dimension and the lower parts of the 4th dimension requires the discipline to only put as much on you as you can carry and transform.

JJK: Does that mean to follow the goings-on on earth cool and unemotionally?

GOD: No! It means to stop supplying energy to this system through negative emotions that cause fear in you.

News channels are machines for spreading fear, and they have the effect of maintaining or triggering fears in people. However, by controlling what you let in or keep away from you, you stay in peace and love.

The more people reach this level of action and consciousness, the less influence this matrix has on the human collective.
Play your own game!

Play your own game by living your own life, as it is coherent for you and as it feels coherent for your environment.

Whoever does not understand you, pay no attention!

Don’t waste any more time and energy on the unteachable and unintelligent.

Go your way of the cosmic and creative human being: cosmic, since you have come to earth from the cosmos, and creative, since it is given to your consciousness to determine reality.

JJK: To be the wheat or the chaff?

GOD: It doesn’t matter what you want to be as long as you’re lived and not living yourself.

As long as you’re immersed in the world of news, it determines your reality.

But as soon as you succeed in taking a higher perspective, everything is won – and that requires discipline in thinking and feeling. What does something do with you and what happens inside when the next horror message arrives?

As soon as you call me on the outside, the inner connection to me is broken.

Many events on this earth cause people to call for me, when I am omnipresent in the heart of a person. Do you understand that, dearest human being?
Do not submit to rules!

Reflect! What you were offered life for life on earth serves to see through it – to get out of a game in which the winner is certain from the beginning is wisdom – to remain in the game is to long for painful experiences.

Do not submit to rules unless they are made for human beings and not for the minority of creatures who want to harass and control all humanity.

Your exit from this world is easy and is solely your conscious will decision. Fears then have no more power over you and you draw your knowledge from the inner and no longer from the outer source.

The truth is conveyed to each person directly through the heart, but the lie uses the news channels that were created for abuse.

The one who stays with himself and in peace with the hourly negative news that comes down on humanity worldwide is truly blessed.

These are the captains of their lives – and it is on such people that it now depends: as a rock in the surf to give all people an example of a self-determined life.

Whose inner peace and inner center is disturbed by the news channels, he would do well to keep the level low, his discernment high and his consciousness awake.

Do not let yourself be confused or dominated by others any longer! Go your own way. Keep your inner peace until the end of these days and until the edge of time.


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» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl