Californians Revolt After Democrats Cancel 4th of July Festivities; Light Up the Sky with Thousands of ‘Illegal’ Fireworks

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomDemocrat tyrant Gavin Newsom and other officials shut down 4th of July festivities in California due to a ‘surge in Coronavirus cases.’ Newsom closed down beaches, bars, restaurants and museums, but his winery, Plumpjack Winery in Napa Valley is still open for business.

Californians revolted and celebrated anyway by lighting up the sky with thousands of illegal fireworks. Aerial footage over Los Angeles was a sight to see.

There were fireworks being launched in every direction!


Californians gave a collective middle finger to Newsom and other anti-American tyrants.

Fireworks were launched in Orange County as well.


Residents in San Diego County also launched their own fireworks after July 4 celebrations were cancelled.


4 Replies to “Californians Revolt After Democrats Cancel 4th of July Festivities; Light Up the Sky with Thousands of ‘Illegal’ Fireworks”

  1. coldjoe

    I have lived in the Boise area for over 25 years and can say most definitely that this years fireworks display by the citizens is by far the biggest, loudest, longest I’ve seen here.
    When I decided to have my own display it was with the intent of thrusting a middle finger at anyone who would dare limit our freedom.
    Those who had their own display I say – Right On!

  2. gswan

    Kejrej is just posting this, so I am aware this reply is not to original author; but, I am a Democrat in California, so the tone of the author grated on me: Newsom isn’t a tyrant, and IF his winery is in one of the newly restricted counties -requires research- I am sure it is following the rules. Could be in a county with phase 3 like my county. And, there wasn’t “revolting” with fireworks, there were bored teens and families just breaking the rules to have noisy fire-risk fun. Sonoma County, CA

  3. Marilyn G.

    I may not live in CA anymore, but I’m finally proud of my native Californians for fighting back on tyranny. Now for quitting MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING.