Ivo of Vega: The Battle of LIfe

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: Ivo, we’re talking about giving up attack thoughts, and of course there are the obvious ones like calling someone a dumb jerk, that’s an attack thought. Or threatening him. By the way, attack thoughts come right back atcha! You get away with nothing, notta, nope, zip. You get the poison too. Learning to love everyone is a tough haul on this planet especially when we’ve learned to see everyone else as deficient and ourselves as the only person in the whole 7 billion of us on this world that makes any sense. How about that? This is the ego and it needs to just shut up.

Ivo: The point we were discussing the other day is that attack thoughts may not be so obvious. The attack mentality is so woven into the fiber of your language it may not be obvious to you.

What do you do when you want to go to the beach?

Me: I want to hit the beach.

Ivo: What do you say when you need to borrow $10 from your friend?

Me: I’m going to hit him up for 10 bucks.

Ivo: What do you say when you are having fun, you went out perhaps and you are recounting the fun you had the following day?

Me: I say I had a riot, or we had a blast.

Ivo: This is verbal violence, a precursor to attack thoughts. There is a fine line here. You have “the battle of life” going on in your head.

Me: We see everything as some form of violence, really, in so many ways.

Ivo: And when you were young when you tried to be sensitive and speak in a loving way, you were told you were a sissy and laughed at. Your family was the ultimate in attacking others. They saw this as the only way to survive. And this is what it is: survival.

Imagine yourselves on a battle field with guns pointed at everyone around you and you have an idea of how so many of you think.

Me: Right now it’s Canada Day and my neighbours are letting off fireworks. Merlin is going crazy, slinking down to the ground in fear, looking around, and now he’s gone downstairs.

Ivo: And if we can make a comparison, there are many people on your planet who would be more forthright in their speech were it not for the similar fear of being attacked. There are many who feel afraid of speaking their mind for fear of retribution.

Me: I got over it.

Ivo: And everyone has to get over it. How can you be yourself when you are afraid of what others think of you?

And you will see the type of mentality of the people more easily when you look for people who speak this way.

Me: Even our technology… my Apple computer used to “bomb.” It’s really pervasive. My PC will crash. It’s everywhere.

Ivo: It is. People who use this speech are more inclined to be aggressive than those who do not. We go back to our lessons about choosing carefully what you say. These violent words also carry a low vibration with them.

Now that you are all in the fourth dimension, you must change. Yes, change is uncomfortable but now you must learn to take a higher road than you did in the third dimension. In order to leave the Matrix behind, verbal violence must be quelled.

I have another comparison to make. When you were in Holland for the 6 months years ago, you celebrated the Queen’s birthday. Everyone in Amsterdam wore orange and there were food vendors in the streets, street dancing, boatloads of bands playing music, and there were water fights in the canals. I believe that spraying others with water is fairly innocuous. I am not keen on water guns and cannons, though.

When Canadians celebrate Canada Day they let off fireworks, which has your cat fearing for his life down in your basement now.

Me: I know. He’s scared to death.

Ivo: How you decide to celebrate is as important as what you are celebrating.
Me: Maybe this is Canada’s last birthday. LOL

Ivo: I doubt that. But bear in mind that a country is simply an economic region and it is part of the Deep State economic plan for your world.

Now then, what is wrong with saying that your computer stopped working? Your computer quit. Your computer just quit. Your computer is locked up. These are acceptable alternatives to crash and bomb.

As for Canada Day, spend the day in celebration of your country ….

Me: By ousting the prime minister. LOL

Ivo: By picking up litter along the shoreline. Make Canada great again. By celebrating the very things that make Canada unique.

Me: I do that all the time. Wait till the fall colours come out.

Ivo: And then on the day, celebrating the wildlife, go whale watching on either coast, eat some Canadian foods, watch Canadian movies if you must, but blowing off fireworks that scare your animals is less than ideal.

Me: True. The kids like it.

Ivo: Teach them to like something of higher frequency. And I say that anything that creates a reaction of fear in anyone must be either used judiciously or not at all.

As for the beach, say you are going to the beach, that is all. Look very carefully at the slang you use because often this verbal violence is in there.

As for attack thoughts, these are “gateway thoughts” to arguing with others. Understand that when you are discussing something with another person, it is to reach a consensus or to agree to disagree amicably. Why would you begin a conversation with someone with the idea in mind of attacking them, or feeling as if you are bettering yourself at someone else’s expense? What possibly would you have to gain in that? If you believe it is self esteem, understand that the more you entertain your ego’s shenanigans, the further you remain distant from your soul, which is where your true sense of self esteem exists.

Argument is an attack on another person. When you must raise your voice or pound the keys to get your point across, then you are in attack mode.

The next thing to look for is anger. People anger you. Why do they anger you? Because they are different from you? Is this anything to become angry about?

Me: I get angry when they cross my boundaries or violate my free will.

Ivo: Yes, and then forgiveness is necessary, not anger. I say to you that this anger response is LEARNED. It is not normal for a human being to become angry when confronted with opposition. You have learned to do this. And it can be unlearned, which takes practice. Becoming angry when confronted by opposition is a learned response. And it is an unhealthy one that erodes the mentality and drops the frequency. You see your politicians in debate. They cannot keep themselves calm when in a debate. This is an indication of emotional immaturity. The need to lose your cool, so to speak, when confronted by an opponent to your ideas is simply illogical.

Your people have many ways of learning the relaxation response, even when dealing with others. It is taught in Buddhism. It is taught in many societies: to stop and think before responding. That way you control your response to others’ opposition of you.

These teachings are available to all. But first you must examine the absurdity of your initial response and make a commitment to change. Then notice your language and see if it is passive, aggressive or assertive. Your thoughts are indicators of your next move and the words you use to think with are a large part of that. When you watch a video, what do you laugh at? What is happening? What are they saying? What do you consider entertaining, because if this is violent in any way, or someone is hurt, then this is hardly entertainment.

Also, watch which foods you eat or drink that change your emotional state. If coffee is a problem for you, then switch to decaf or cut down or both. Sugar is also a problem for many, as is alcohol. Do not think they are prevalent in your western society by mistake because there is no mistake. You are there to create loosh and these foods are there for this reason.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: My love, anger is not a way of life. Anger is but a signal that something is amiss. The validity of anger has been debated by pundits over the years. Your world now is in a state of emotional immaturity, where so many feel that erupting in speech is the way to speak. It is not. Calmness is the true state of the human.

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