Kryon: New Information; Not That Obvious

galactic logos eraoflightdotcomGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Adironnda [who just channelled before Kryon] speaks so wisely, dear ones, about the identical things that we teach: Channelling should have a coherence between channellers since they are channelling within the same energy field. It is a field filled with the love, compassion, and benevolence from the Creative Source, which some of you call God.

Channelling comes from so many sources, you might say, but the ones that are accurate and true are the ones filled with the love and compassion of Spirit. This field is also something else: It’s a multidimensional source of potentials on this planet, since it contains all the consciousness of all the souls here. It goes beyond that thing you call the veil and touches the face of the Creator. This is where our information comes from, dear ones, and if you hear channelling that is filled with fear or ego, or asks you to do inappropriate things, or to follow a certain rule set – beware! Those messages are not coming from the field.

New Information Coming for Old Souls

This field we speak of is starting to be more coherent and recognizable by Old Souls. There are those who are watching, these three days [referring to the Worldwide Channelling Retreat], who are very Old Souls on the planet. Those who would be interested in coming for an all-day event of meditation and channelling often have a maturity that, perhaps, others would not when it comes to spiritual things. It’s a maturity that comes from experience, training, teaching, and being taught lessons within many lifetimes. This doesn’t make an Old Soul a better person than a young soul would be, but rather, it simply means they have more experience. It’s just like you would view those who have been through school as opposed to those who have not. All are beautiful, intelligent Human Beings, but the ones who have graduated have more experience. These are the ones many would recognize and consult for their wisdom. These are who the Old Souls are, and in general, the ones who are participating in this conference right now.

I want to tell you something that actually started a number of years ago but has a powerful meaning today. It is something that we have expected but that we have not spoken of before: There are many of you Old Souls who are watching this who would consider yourselves channellers, intuitives, and healers. Indeed, you are, and that is part of your maturity. Some of the things that the teacher Marilyn was saying today [Marilyn Harper – channelling Adironnda] are about who you are, having been through many situations in past lives, instead of having to learn them in this life. She gave a review for you, so you’d recognize yourself in her teaching.

Perhaps, you might consider yourself one who is receiving information right now? That’s a simple way of saying that the intuition that is generated from the field right now, comes into you in a multidimensional way and fills you with potential and information. That’s different from taking notes on a lecture, isn’t it? There are those of you who are opening up to information right now that you feel is new, beautiful, profound, and something the world needs to know. There are those sitting here right now saying, “How could Kryon know this? That’s exactly how I feel.” The reason I know this is because it’s not just you, dear one. This is something that is happened to Old Souls worldwide. It’s a factor within so many on the planet who would watch a meeting like this. You’re receiving information that you’ve never seen written down in any book. You are starting a gradual “download” of new information for this time.

Some of the information you are receiving comes in with what you might call Light Language. Some of the information is conceptual, and it is within a dimensionality that no one has spoken of yet. You’re starting to see very new information about the Human. Some are seeing new chakra balances and areas of the Human body within the areas that you’ve studied all your life. These new attributes go way beyond the areas that are the normal chakra areas.

Perhaps, you are one who is seeing the extension, for the first time, of the Human Merkabah? It’s an extension of perception for the Old Soul. The Merkabah is an energy field around Human Beings that has been known ever since the old scriptures [2nd Kings] when Elijah exposed it to Elisha, who saw it and wrote it down as fast as he could: Here’s what it looks like; here’s what it is. Elisha actually asked for this ability – a “double portion” of what Elijah had.

As Elijah ascended [seemingly by appointment], Elisha saw a huge field of white-light energy, up to eight meters wide [24 feet]. Elijah seemed to ride within it, as he rose into the sky.

Many, who are listening and reading right now, are starting to identify this same perception. What does it look like? What are the patterns? What are the colors, and why can’t the colors be easily seen by the Human eye? What are the new kinds of frequencies, or attributes, that follow a pattern of sound and color, which create the dance of energy within the Merkabah that few have ever seen?

Look at it! There is movement, dear ones, because it’s not static. It’s always in motion, and some of you are seeing it and are starting to report it. Some of you are seeing it and going within and recognizing something you didn’t expect: Some of it belongs to the energy of the Earth. You’re seeing Gaia for the first time, in all of its layers, within the Merkabah. For some, the reaction is to sit and be quiet with Gaia and meditate, for there is ancient information that is being rediscovered: The Earth [Nature] is a major working part of the Human race itself. Ask any indigenous about this, and they will fill you with their legacy of information of exactly that fact.

Getting in Touch

There is sometimes criticism of those who meditate and channel for long periods of time every day. Many would say: “What good is this doing anyone?” The question itself reveals a misunderstanding about the very process. Mediation is not just to enhance the individual. The critics don’t understand that this is Old Soul energy that goes right into the planet, and the planet reacts, since it’s actually part of the Merkabah of the one meditating. But it’s not a linear reaction. A few doing this actually can raise the vibration of their entire area, because there are so many of you willing to sit and be quiet and know this.

This is the beginning of new sight. These are the things that we’ve spoken of before, except that we’ve never precisely attuned this information for those Old Souls who are awakening. This is a new bridge. It’s a bridge that’s now very crossable and is opening.

Did You Notice?

What happens when this planet starts to be still and there’s no activity and there’s very little pollution? Right now, this is what is happening. All the activity and noise is now quieted for a moment in time. In that quiet space, all of these new intuitive things are able to flow to the Old Soul, which couldn’t get through before. Are you starting to recognize and understand some of the reasoning behind what is taking place on this planet, and why it is quieted? This is only for a while, dear ones, and it will be over. But right now, in this place where everything has stopped, Old Soul intuition is starting to fly through that veil into the consciousness of many of you.

The pineal, in the Old Soul, is starting to be very active and will begin to give visions to those who have the ability to see in this way, and who are the vessels for it and channels for it. New processes are starting to occur even for the healers who have been doing this for forty years and more. Many healers are sitting back and saying, “Oh my, did I miss that? How did this happen?” Dear ones, this is what happens when you quiet yourself. You begin to look upon your own work and you start to see that it may even be bigger than you thought. It’s beautiful. It’s like a change of channels on your radio from one frequency to another, and you’re starting to learn more by tuning to the new frequency.

How Linear Are You?

Dear Human, who has experienced these things, I want to give you some esoteric information: You are still a linear Human Being, living in just a few dimensions. Some say, you’re in 4D, for the fourth dimension, according to science, is time. So, actually, you walk around in 4D, along with everyone else, and this is your reality for the planet. However, as the Old Soul, you are starting to sense and move into a larger kind of dimensionality.

Some may have told you that the planet is now moving into dimension five. That might make sense if you were moving in a linear way, but you are not. You are now starting to expand perceptions to ALL dimensions, gradually. This is difficult to explain. Think of this: Let’s say, you come from a world of black and white. Color is coming, but your world is not going to suddenly “snap into color.” Your perception will begin to gradually see the muted colors, on the way to full color one day. So, your 4D existence is black and white. But going into color doesn’t mean you receive one color at a time. Instead, you gradually go into ALL colors. This is how dimensionality works. Once you pass the linear ones, you stop counting.

A New Way of Absorbing Information

Be aware of this: There’s going to be a tendency, for some of you who are receiving this kind of information, to simply receive it academically. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say, I’m going to take you on a city tour. In the process, I say to you, “Look at this multidimensional building. Look at this; look at these beautiful colors. I’d like to tell you about it.” So, as a good student, you write it down, make some drawings of it, and you say, “That’s beautiful! I see another one over there. Tell me more.”

The tour continues, and I say, “Okay, there’s another one over here. Take a look at this other one over here, because it’s also a multidimensional building and has all of these attributes and forms you’ve never seen before.” Then there is another and another. You become informed and fill reams of paper notes. Then you rest and say, “This is my contribution to the planet. I now can see and know the new ‘color’ that is coming to the planet.”

This has always been the way. You learn about it, and then you teach it, and then you observe some more. Esoteric people are often criticized for not being grounded or not having any actionable ways to help the rest of humanity. Instead, they simply sit and meditate or talk of unseen things and stay in their own circles.

So, let me tell you how this is going to change:
It’s Time to Go Into the Buildings

Every one of you, who has come to the conclusion that there is, indeed, more to see, and that the light language and all the new multidimensionality in the things you’re seeing are real, need to know this: I want to tell you that with every single one of these new perceptions comes additional information that floats underneath in layers. This is how multidimensionality works. It’s not linear information any longer. You can’t simply move to the next level of learning and say, “How beautiful,” or draw it in a book or sit and meditate on it. Every single one of these new perceptions comes with – are you ready? – Action! Every single new perception is an actionable item. It’s not [just] to know. It’s to use and experience.

The tour continues: “Here is a beautiful building … now, here are the plans to build it!” You didn’t expect that, did you? Every single vision you have has something that complements it, which is action and experience for you. This is not the old way of things at all. It’s not knowledge, as much as it is a revelation of new thinking. You see the picture; you see the concept; you see the colors; and you hear and taste it. Then, you start looking for the layers of understanding, underneath the data. When you “go into the building,” it’s a metaphor for looking inside the information.

The beauty of a personal actionable item comes with every single layer that you’re seeing and teaching. An actionable item means “something that you act upon.” The new multidimensional information is tuned to you – your field – and is there for you to use it. It’s for you, as an Old Soul, to use and then teach or show by example. This is all new, and may be confusing to some of you who are just starting to experience this.

Dear ones, you are not getting second sight because you’re a nice Old Soul. You’re being given second sight so you can teach it! It’s so you can talk about it and write about it and explain it.

Finally, let’s return to Elisha, spiritual worker and student of Elijah.

Elijah walks into a field and turns into light. A Human Merkabah is seen for the first time. It shines and goes up, and then, there is stillness. Imagine being Elisha. All is quiet. His master is gone. What just happened? Should you report it? Who will believe it? What does it mean? What should you call the vehicle of spirituality that you just saw?

Indeed, he reported it, named it, and went on to emulate everything that his master was, and that his master taught. He became a master himself!

Now, here is the second wave, and it’s for the Old Soul.

What is a Merkabah? What is it for? What do you do with it? How do you use it? What’s in it? Now, instead of simply reporting how beautiful it is, it now becomes an actionable item to teach. What are the shapes around it? What is the geometry around it? Could it be, that it contains all that is?

There are teachers, dear ones, who, for years, have started to teach the answers to these questions. When the teacher, Peggy Phoenix Dubro [who presented earlier], saw the Cosmic Lattice for the first time in her mind’s eye, she didn’t simply see it and have an artist draw it or animate it and move on. Instead, she saw the actionable items within it. What came next were phases and levels of teaching about what it was and how to use it.

For those who are being given these new perceptions, dear ones, right now I’m telling you, there is something you should know about: Look for an encapsulated message in every intuitive perception. What is the actionable item? How do you use it? What does it mean? Did you just receive a new layer of love, or a layer of compassion, or one that says to you, “Sit here and be loved”? That is actionable! Realization is an action and starts to explain a term we have given so many times before: Compassionate Action.

There are things to do or to realize with every single second sight you have – every color, every shape, every language, every light. That is the task of the Old Soul this day. The first item is to know it, the second is to discover the actionable layer, and the third is to reveal it to others.

These are the things that are new today, which you are starting to intuitively perceive, which are different from yesterday or the day before. These are the things that belong to those who are reading or watching this program and more. You wouldn’t be here, otherwise.

I’m Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am in love with humanity for good reason. Welcome to the shift, the real shift. In a year from now, perhaps, or later, I’d like to gather with you again and you can tell me what you learned, dear ones. There is no accident you’re here, no accident.

And so it is.


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