Galactic Federation of Light: Current Situation

first contact eraoflightdotcomIt is with great joy that we see that people have risen in consciousness during this pandemic. Soon, however, there will be a new pandemic that aims to make people begin to see their lives on a new and more personal level. To have the opportunity to try to get a creativity in their life to influence their situation which can be difficult.

The economic situation will change, as will the structural reality of the political agenda. Before that, however, it will be a difficult situation for all people. There will be a lack of much of what pertains to everyday life. To start collecting some food, for example, is preferable but not to collect so that others suffer. This pandemic is coming soon and being prepared is a good prerequisite for coping with much of what is happening. This is likely to happen within this year. It will not be the same as during this pandemic, but there will be more people who become dependent on subsidies due to lack of money and also lack of food.

Unemployment is reaching very high levels all over the world and people are starting to protest against the rulers who have amassed fortunes for their own sake. This must come to light and these leaders will have to take their punishment from the people who are tired of lying. It will be a turbulent time and many will give up and leave the planet but this state will end and when the people have decided that another world must become a reality, a new world order will come that reverses the difficult but necessary state. Everything must come to light to be transformed and people must forgive and have compassion. Then comes the Event and this will probably happen within a few years.

We would like all lightworkers to send their light to the whole world. To all the nooks and crannies, to transform everything that is not of light into light. You light workers are the anchors in this great plan and the work you do is fantastic. Light has already won but there are still places left on Earth that need to be forgiven and transformed into light.

People will need your help in the near future and you are the ones who can explain how everything works. Not everyone has understood what is happening in the world and in the Universe. All have been raised to the fourth and fifth dimensions, which means that all have changed. Everyone who wants and can, is welcome to the new world and a new time.

God’s grace is great for people.

The Galactic Federation of Lights

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM

» Source » Channel: Inger Noren

8 Replies to “Galactic Federation of Light: Current Situation”

  1. Daedalus

    False “light” message … but there are plenty of such false messages of “love and light” like that.

    Either it comes from a perspective of “love and light, be a passive and do nothing, all will be okay…” or from a perspective of fear ( like here ) .

    Its fake … the true messages are there not to give dates or even to uncover specifically what will happen in the future, but to empower individual at the moment if they choose to do so.

  2. Abatos

    Death to your ‘New World Order’, Freedom and Liberty shall rise up and annihilate your ‘New World Order’.

  3. Lama

    This is not a real light message! This is much more indicative of fear than hope so it means that either it’s come directly from the Cabal either the channeler is channeling MK-Ultra!

  4. Archangel Metatron

    Thank you for posting my message to the so called Federation. It is actually an Empire, a dictatorship. Do not give your consent to them for ascension. This is planetary invasion. Stop fighting each other. They fooled Atlantis once but not again!

    This is the messenger of GOD!

    Choose your side wisely! You have free will, that is until they have your soul!

    This is no joke!!!

    War has already started between the ETs and legions of Archangels and Angels also Ethereal beings like Dragons. We are trying hard but the war might come down to humanity as well.

    Get ready, this is the fight for this planet. The final war between good and evil. And GOD will WIN!

    Archangel Metatron

  5. Mario

    My name is ‘YOUR OWN NAME’ I am a human being on Earth Gaia Terra. I am a star seed and I am part of the Federation.
    I ask the One Creator, the Source of everything, and the Universe itself, to be witness and to record this communication and create karmic debt for the beings on the Federation who do not obey the contents of this message.
    Effective immediately, I demand all Federation members and councilships to, cease any and all actions, that cause, any forms of suffering, on and in planet Earth for human beings and for all other sentient beings.
    I also demand the end of any agenda or action or program that inflicts or elicits pain and suffering, struggle and strife for any sentient being on and in planet Earth.
    This must end immediately.
    I also nullify any and all contracts and agreements that I’ve made on a higher dimensional level that promote suffering, pain and struggle for any being including myself. I now end any contracts and agreements of pain and suffering effective immediately. As a member of the Federation, I demand all factions and all councilships cease any form of actions and inactions that cause suffering on and in planet Earth effective immediately.
    Allow humanity and all sentient creatures on and inside this planet to ascend in frequency and vibration without suffering and without physical, mental and emotional pain effective immediately.
    I as a member of the Federation, in human form and in higher and any dimensions I exist in, demand, full disclosure from the Federation about all the facts relating to humanity and this planet and the universe, right now, without any intentional or unintentional delays.
    Let this communication be recorded by the One Creator, the Source, the Universe and any other higher dimensional being in or out of the Federation, including but not limited to all the Archangels, as karmic debt for all the Federation members individually and the councilships and the whole Federation itself.
    I remind all the beings on all and every dimension of existence in this or any other universe, that any action and inaction that directly or indirectly cause any pain and suffering for any living being, creates karmic debt for the parties involved.
    I declare Earth Humanity as independent from the Federation and pending full disclosure, any and all Federation ships and non humans as hostile enemies of planet Earth and its inhabitants.

  6. Maggie

    This message sounds more like cabal advertising the future events… Sorry this is not coming from Galactic Federation..
    Be ware…