It’s Time to Grow Up

lightworker eraoflightdotcomIt’s time we all grow up… really grow up.

I don’t mean being self-sufficient, paying bills, or being a responsible member of society. That is simply the illusion of growing up.

Growing up means that we take complete responsibility for our own energy, that we stand in our power, in our own knowing and Divine Truth.

Growing up means that we take command and full responsibility for our physical form.

Growing up means that we understand who we are, the good, bad, the amazing and ugly – and we OWN it.

Growing up means that we can no longer be manipulated on any level. It means that fear can no longer feast on our energy.

Growing up means that regardless of what we see out there, we know our purpose, our light, and we walk it, everywhere with everyone.

Growing up means that we love ourselves completely and see the perfection in the Divine creation all around us.

Growing up means we have to allow others to have their experience without thinking we know better or can protect them from the lessons they need to learn.

Growing up means that we have to Surrender and Allow.

Growing up does not mean we have to be perfect. It does mean that we have to own our mistakes and realign to the highest Divine Truth.

It’s time.

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