Realizing Love

divine love eraoflightdotcomThe journey of our lives is a magnificent unfolding story of love. Conceived in the cosmos, the life-giving building blocks scattered and formed over eons of time setting the stage for our grand adventure on this beautiful planet. From ancient moments to the present, everything within and around us is part of a brilliant expression of expanding love. Our bodies come from the same materials as the heavens, while it is our conscious awareness of love that is the basis of our true and timeless expression. Through every song of laughter and each lost tear, love is who we are and why we are here

The gifts of imagination and willpower are our greatest treasure. These are the initial creative elements that allow us to dream what is possible and the ability to make things manifest here in tangible form. Inspiration and intuition are the beginning seeds of worlds yet to be born and experiences soon to be had. Through our capacity to think and feel, focus our attention and our desire, we can make the seeming impossible become a part of our reality. This is the fundamental basis of our individual and collective narrative – we are the ones writing our stories personally and together.

The ability to create consciously in this way is beyond amazing. The earth provides everything necessary for us to flourish and in turn, we get to express our diverse creative capacity to mold formless ideas into form. When we know ourselves as creator beings, we acknowledge the same in one another and our unique expressions enhance the experience for all.

Alas, long ago we became more enamored with our outer forms than the process of creation itself and slowly and steadily tipped the balance where we began to covet our creations. We endeavored to identify and own our reality rather than recall our innate essence as a creator. We allowed the intellect of thought to supersede the feelings of the heart. Our willpower became the dominant force and the more we reacted to conditions, the less we consciously engaged our inner sanctum of imagination where infinite potential abounds. Generation upon generation, we unwittingly filled chapters with limitation, greed, dominance and control.

Life always seeks balance and we are re-awakening to the heart-centered energy that never left. Dimmed however never extinguished, our spark of love is growing brighter and we are feeling our connection to life and to each other once again. Compassion and kindness are emerging as the next natural and vital chapters in our combined stories. When we infuse these energies in our intentions, our daily dialogue and thoughtful interactions become fresh story lines that will inspire children through many ages to come. We are realizing love is what truly matters in our world.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation

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