Cancer New Moon, July 20th 2020; Against All ODDS

full moon eraoflightdotcomThis powerful New Moon in Cancer is on  Monday July 20th, 2020 at 2:32 pm ADT.  With Mercury now Direct, we have a sense of some restriction lifted.  Yet, we have this New Moon frequency to begin to face and deal with, through our own filters of awareness/frequency.

Saturn opposite the New Moon, plays a huge serious/restriction mode and frequency role during this next 28 day cycle.

To get through this; against all odds, one must use honour and self awareness, through the heart, to maneuver successfully through what one is dealt. The cards on the table will be yours to deal with. Yours and yours alone. What will you face? How will you react? Will it be successful, will you stay humble through your heart?

This impact of frequency will be felt till the August 18th NEW MOON, which is one month before the Fall Equinox. The closing of the window of the GREAT Heart awakening.

How well your Saturn is placed and what aspects to it, which are all frequencies unique to YOU, will play a role, in what comes up and how you will deal with it.

This impact may be felt with greater restrictions with the Pandemic looming large as how well one has handled the honourable WAY to BE.

Look to YOURSELF. It is all you. Your garbage is yours. Your Projections are yours. Your happiness and JOY is also yours. What have you  been feeding within yourself. What useless beliefs are you still holding on to?

Examine you! I deal with many people and not many seem to get their own experience is actually about themselves. SO wake up! This is an opportunity to pay attention to what is going on within you.

Your thoughts, your beliefs, your worrying, your projections, your lack of self love. YOUR LOVE, equals so, to yourself first. There is no love if it is not perfect unconditional love to yourself first. That means no judgement, no NEEDING to change things.

The Heart is living in the NOW.

Love is living in the NOW.

Ascension takes place in the NOW.

Access to your DIVINE SELF is through being present now.

That means the mind is quiet. DO you have silence mastered? Or are you always trying to keep busy?

KNOW yourself. In this the love, we activate you NOW. IT is always now, the door is open NOW. With The Divine Council of OVERSEERS AND THE Elohim, we activate all of this for your full awakening to your heart, to now, to being your DIVINE Self, now! Through pure true, eternal love!

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