New Transitions in Life

star bright eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

When Change is your only constant, know that your Soul is on a voyage to fulfill its highest destiny. You can cooperate or resist the process, but it is inevitable.

Perhaps you are being asked to move and you don’t want to move to another home. Remember that whenever your Soul is activating a new life experience, you need to trust that you are ready for it — no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

Willingness is a key component for generating Ease and Grace in Transitions. Trusting in your inner guidance system allows you to be confident in each step along the way. Faith becomes Plan A as well as your Fallback Plan.

In the midst of huge change, your breath is key. When you are feeling stressed and low in energy, your breath will bring you new empowerment. Stopping to take several deep, long breaths throughout the day allows you to be more relaxed and energized.

Gaining strength in the world can be literally physical, so start working your muscles. You can gain stamina in your walks in nature. You can dance in your house or do exercises such as Chi Kung or Yoga that support your energy system. These activities help you become more optimistic, as well as happier in your body.

Gather your opportunities for greater connection to beauty, money, new people, and a life that fully supports you. These are opening to you now.

Send the roots from your base down below you for a deep Earth connection so you can ground the Light from Source. When Divine Light runs through your body, it recalibrates your energy system for new life awakening. Know that you are not the only one experiencing a massive new transition — all are being affected by changes on the planet.

Listen to the advice you give to others, and then do that for yourself. You have the Grace of God with you, and new worlds are opening. Be grateful. Life is responding to your prayers.

Take all the qualities that you love about where you are now, and project them with your prayer and intention so they will anchor in the destination that is unfolding. You are able to create your spacious, practical, supported realm wherever you are.

Make clear intentions for your destination. Create soft landings, with open doors welcoming you along the way. When you do this, Pure Love will be be your companion. You will never be alone, so you can make a practice of tuning into the spiritual resources that support you at all times.

Know that all is well. The Grace you have funded to this point will create a life of Abundant Beauty.

Never forget that you are loved. All your needs will be met with Grace and Ease. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.