Trump Suggests Nationwide Rollout Of Federal Response To Antifa Violence Coming

alternative news eraoflightdotcom newPresident Trump hinted Monday that he may authorize federal officials to carry out mass arrests of Antifa terrorists in blue cities across America.

During a White House briefing, Trump said he’ll likely expand the federal response to Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence from Portland to many other cities plagued with left-wing violence like New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland, and others.

“We’re not going to let this happen in our country. We’re going to have more federal law enforcement, that I can tell you,” Trump told reporters.

“In Portland, they did a fantastic job, they’ve been there three days, and they really have done a fantastic job in a short period of time, no problem. They grab ’em, lot of people in jail, their leaders. These are anarchists. These are not protesters…these are people that hate our country.”

Trump noted that all the chaos and mayhem is originating in Democrat-run cities, where Antifa and BLM have free reign to loot and riot.

“Look at what’s going on. All run by very liberal Democrats, all run, really, by the radical left,” Trump said. “We can’t let this happen to the cities. New York was up 348%, the crime wave. So the governor has to do something about it. And if the governor is not going to do something about it, we’ll do something about it.”

“Because we’re not going to let New York and Chicago and Philadelphia and Detroit and Baltimore and all of these – Oakland is a mess. We’re not going to let this happen in our country. All run by liberal Democrats,” Trump added. “The governors, the mayors, the senators out there are afraid of these people, may be they are physically afraid of these people.”

Acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli added that the Trump administration is prepared to deploy more federal officials in other riot-stricken cities regardless of whether governors approve.

“If we get the same kind of intelligence in other places about threats to other federal facilities or officers, we would respond the same way,” he said.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf pushed back against Democrat leaders claiming the federal government was using “gestapo” tactics to arrest Antifa leadership and quell the weeks-long violence in Portland, Oregon.

“The local leaders there in Portland have fostered this environment that allows these individuals to again attack the courthouse and do these very violent acts, destructive acts night after night after night,” Wolf told Fox News on Monday. “The facts don’t lie and the facts are that these violent anarchists and extremists were violent well before DHS surged federal assets into Portland.”

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8 Replies to “Trump Suggests Nationwide Rollout Of Federal Response To Antifa Violence Coming”

  1. Pronoun

    Tom, it is Not about Trump! It never was! It is about You! “Lost souls” want you in a reality where you hate Trump!, or anyone else they suggest you hate! Looks like they have been successful! Please help yourself!

    1. marymagdalene

      I will but you have been programmed by the Deep State and watch the communistic news networks. It will take years to reprogram you to sanity. But I will pray for you.

  2. Pronoun

    Tom, your programming is taking over you focus! Surely you can tell the difference! Will the real Tom step forward! Please don’t embarrass yourself anymore! Ask for help!

  3. Tom

    Once again Trump wants to start a war in america, No one attack the court house as the DHS Secretary stated their is NO proof of this so called ANTIFA leadership or group of ANTIFA a so call group. Their have been people that tried to start trouble in Philly weeks ago. That group was know as Proud Boys and their were 12 of them in the city trying to start trouble. So is that the ANTIFA that the secretary is talking about ?

    He starts sending his gestapo around this country that will start trouble. NO federal police has any authority over any part of a city. Onley federal buildings and property.

    In Portland woman were protesting on the street were a federal building was but again they were on the city streets.And the federal police attack them or should I say Trumps new SS. attack them. The only reason Trump is doing this is so the people will not see what a disaster he is at running our country. He has failed with the virus, the economy is fall apart with 5 million out of work. His trade deals are not working fack is the con is out of con games to fool the american people anymore. After 3.5 years we have seen the only people that think he is doing good are the MAGA’s. They buy in to Q who has not had one thing come true that Q has stated with in the past 3.5 years and Trump two are losing acts.

    So now he down to trying to rig the election and scare the american people this is really a sad time in our country. But we will get thru this and in the end we will be better.