Thoughts from your Hostess of Light:

light waves eraoflightdotcomLately the universe has been encouraging me to use the word Love as much as possible. I have been doing that in emails and texts and thoughts and prayers. I came into this world working with the energies of numbers having an innate sense of someone’s identifying numerical frequency and their future. The holy energies I work with have always told me that the word ‘love’ lives in the word ‘evolve’. Being the energy detective I am I researched the energies and numerical frequency of the word evolve. As always the unoverse has a wonderful sense of humor. That powerful little sequence of letters in evolve is a 9 9 9 frequency. Whereas the word love is a single nine frequency. If you look at the number 9 as a living energy, it is the energies of Heaven and the universe coming down to earth, as the vibration of 6 is the energies of Earth moving upward to heaven. 999 is the threefold flame of creation moving its awareness and Consciousness and light into the bodies of humanity. It is one of the most powerful sequence of numbers available to us. It basically is The Charge of the Light Brigade in numerical form. This vibrational sequence summons all of Heaven to Earth.

The teachings within are asking you to use the word love in every form of your communications, virtual textual, and physical, to create the vibration of Evolve and the sequence of 999. This configuration comes forth to shield and in that shielding a safety net is created. This 999 vibration asked you to become the best and most powerful version of your authentic self. Let go of everything you thought you were, you were supposed to be and do and become a treasured tool of transformation. It’s time to express your real self and speak the language that your soul longs to hear.

All of us that have held the light in every cell of our being and every thought still stand Sentinel in the Light of blind wisdom. We support each other energetically and verbally like One-Winged Angels standing guard around a cosmic crock pot. We turn in a circle inside and out, looking 360 degrees at our world and still not being able to put our finger on a granule of Truth. Like a hunting dog we might have lost the scent but we have not lost the pray. There is not one answer or one truth but a multi-dimensional deluge that finds itself boiling in a cosmic cauldron of creation. Perception is distorted by incoming and outgoing frequencies, magnetics have shifted as Polar North begins to shed its skin and Arctic South shows foliage. We are out of our four elements literally as we learn to fly updrafts of shift and change, looking for a higher perspective seeking totality.

We now rely on senses that we have no instructional manual for. Driving the proverbial ‘pink Jeep tour’ into dimensions we have not partaken of. Learning the lay of the land in this new black hole, we are blinded by our own light as we move virtually thought by thought. As if transported through time and space within a microsecond, there is a prologue, index and chapters of self; past and future exposed as we become one with our circumstances. With the constant dimensional fluxes and interfaces we seek something to anchor us in vain. As we drive through this dimensional landscape everything will be a little different as we perceive each new day in a mirror that reflects a different truth.

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