Expanding the Horizons of What We Perceive to Be Truth

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomYou walk upon the Sandy Shores of self-seeking Peace inner and outer seeking a refuge from the emotional storms of the past year. Walking through the surf of self you step high trying not to be entangled with what has come from the deep murky parts of our Earth and souls.

The trash from the past floats upon the waters of ourselves it didn’t by pass us it actively seeks us and it demands our attention no matter how fast we swim.Entangled we are emotionally physically and spiritually with all of life with every person with every heartbeat of every living creature.

We are not an island upon ourselves or to ourselves we are not Cast Away, we are dimensionally being restrung into a new Matrix, a new memory card of light, a shinier point of light.The thick heavy dusty velvet curtain of the past is lifted and a beautiful new light is birthed. we were promised this light eons ago, it lives in our soul.

Every living person on Earth holds the truth that lives deep into the fabric of their soul. A truth that is so interwoven  that they could not separate  themselves from it. A truth that is sharp like a sword but gentle and loving like a mother’s touch.

As we all expand the horizons of what we perceive to be truth; past truths are set free to become one with the all that is freeing themselves from fallen paradigms.

Truth is a living entity; it is shape-shifting of method, aligning with present evolution and elevation of the human soul. Truth is different for each species.   Within the human DNA 144 strands of Galactic truth whine themselves around what is human of nature.  Truths scampers by us as a fleeting peter pan shadow on a wall. Truth speaks to us from the molecules within the water we drink. Truth has become a cruel mistress as she changes and fits circumstance, like a sharp Mountain Road taking us to the edge of what we know our self to be!

How do we as humans of honor and Valor deal with the fact that truth peels and molds around us. Truth has been our friend for many years on Earth, as she evolves and sheds her skin of the old we wonder how we will fit into her new dimensional dress.

When we were children our parents often lied to us to keep us from danger, to keep us in a place of believing in Magic, to keep us in a place of believing in them as parents. As we grow in future and stature we come to a place that shows us that many of our feathers of Truth were not plucked from a thanksgiving turkey.

in 2020 we have been given hindsight, future sight, insight and all access to that which is out of sight. Many of the truths slip away without being seen some of the truths dance in front of us seductively lifting the seven veils, other truths Wave us goodbye without remorse.

Whether this world is real or an illusion or a Collective dream field does not matter, we must play with, in, and upon her. giving of our highest heart. Whether this is our once and only time to live in this Earthly paradise or we spread our self throughout the Galaxy like honey on a scone does not matter. For we as a species are asked to give 100% to believe 100% And to be 100% in our truth in our light and in our future.

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