A Very Deep Release; Billions of Years of Trauma & Pain

energy waves eraoflightdotcomIn the last few hours immense healing has come of the Masculine and Feminine Energies, as immense emotional trauma and pain has been lifted off the Sacral, Base and Solar Plexus Chakras of the planet as well as that of the collective of humanity.

This is a very deep release, of Billions of Years of Trauma and Pain, and it has literally moved deeply into the very bowls of the earth and is going to continue for the next few weeks, until all is released.

I ask you today, to ask for the Releasing of all present past life trauma and pain, all the suffering, not only of yourself, but use this as an opportunity to render highest service with great love.

Release all within you, which is still in bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, etc. and allow yourself to now receive the deepest healing of your Emotional Body.

Simply ask the Divine to bring about a deep healing of the Masculine and Feminine within you, and all your interactions with other souls in this lifetime and all other lifetimes which caused trauma, pain, anger, bitterness, resentments, fears, etc. and then ask for the release of all present and past life trauma with regard to any and all pain, bitterness, anger, resentment, hatred, fears and whatever is lurking there.

Know that the Divine reads your INTENT. Do you really wish to release this with all your heart, and soul and not hang onto anything – and I mean ANYTHING?

More than this, know that you will be put through the Fires of Purification in the highest degrees: – if you are not ready for this, and not ready to forgive and finally let go, then this is not for you! You have free will and choice, and many will choose to rather hang onto the trauma, and pain, etc. because they refuse to let go of the 3D and all the trauma and pain of past and present lives.

All I can say, is that this truly is setting humanity free in ways I cannot even try to put into words.

We are being FREED.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are moving fully into the wide open heart center, in total balance and harmony, and this is an immense Divine Gifting! We are given the GIFT OF WHOLENESS. UNITY in the HIGHEST SENSE!

It is up to you, to claim this Divine Gifting for yourself – or not.

It literally means to finally being able to move into the Highest State of Loving Grace – where there is Unity, and pure unconditional LOVE!

Pure Love!

No-thing else but LOVE in its highest form and expression!

The Choice is yours!

Judith Kusel.

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  1. Jared

    Yes I helped with that.
    One of the first to truly forgive penis cutting experience amen!
    I am love amen
    I am forgiveness amen
    I am strength amen
    I am courage amen
    say till feel it amen