Jupiter Brings New Earth Blessings

energy waves eraoflightdotcomRight now you are meant to feel the wonderful Jupiter Blessings in play to support and uplift you as we embrace the New Earth Awakening. As July’s 11 Universal Month comes to a close – opening the portal to being present NOW, and August’s 12 Universal month is about to awaken our liberation from victim consciousness, we have access to beautiful Jupiter Blessings.

To help you with the acclimation and integration process in a HIGHLY POSITIVE WAY is:

  • Jupiter sextile Neptune
  • Jupiter quincunx Venus

Remember – your THOUGHTS and your FEELINGS are the SEEDS that feed and create your REALITY.

So, if you notice yourself going into NEGATIVE THOUGHTS – that default victim pattern – change it IMMEDIATELY!

Keep your vibration at the HIGHEST LEVEL to PROTECT yourself from the LOWER Vibration of the Collective at this time.

Look at what you believe and how you are emotionally invested in Belief systems.

JUPITER governs Beliefs.

Know that it is not the belief system itself that is causing disharmony and pain.

It is the emotions that you are attaching to the belief systems.

Your trauma is being caused by being emotional attached to beliefs that are hand-me-downs from others.

Be fully aware that we are moving through a GATEWAY.

Be fully conscious, focusing on each moment.

Discover how to consistently awaken joyful awareness – with Jupiter’s help!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle.

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