Vivamus(Sanat Kumara): With You In Every Moment

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomHello dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters. I’m Vivamus, also called Sanat Kumara.

You should know that we all, here in what you call the spiritual world, from the 5th dimension and upwards – we are with you in every moment. We have a constant communication between us to contribute what you need in an energy way, consciously or unconsciously.

Some of you may think we are annoying or you feel badly treated because you have to face similar situations repeatedly. Then please try to “crawl out of your ego-shell”; meditate / enter into yourself and ask your Higher Self, me or the guide, Master or Angel you feel connected to; “WHAT do I need to learn from this repeated situation?”

We love you just as you are. We love each of you just as much as you are. N is Light, you are Love because you all / we all beings have come from the Source / God / the One Creator.

The catch is to DARE to meet your own innermost being. Dare to stand there naked / stripped and see your – as you can see it – mistakes and shortcomings. Remember that you have gone to the universe’s hardest school – you have lived repeated lives in Mother Gaia’s 3-dimensional illusion to gather lessons. Therefore – no matter what horrible deeds you have done according to your way of seeing. REALIZE THAT YOU ARE God’s Beloved Children – now and forever. It is NEVER too late to turn to the Light, to forgive one’s neighbor as oneself…

The First Creator waits for the children to return to the awareness that each is equally Beloved – each is equally valuable and equally unique, thanks to the experiences and lessons gathered during mortality.

Beloved Friends, Brothers and Sisters – throw your heavy backpack behind you on the path. Feel the Love and Light flowing over your beloved Mother Gaia, stronger and more intense with each passing day.

Find contact with us helpers who go by your side. Receive our healing energies, let everything be heavily transformed into Light and Love. Remember that YOU ARE Light and Love. Remember the words of Jeshua (my brother Sananda):
“I am the Way, the Truth and the Light (life)”

Each of you IS the Way, the Truth and the Light (life). Try to remember it in every moment and let faith, hope and Love fill your heart. Remember that the Path of the Heart is the only Path to your Mastery, the only Path to the complete awareness of your Divine Self. Please remember the importance of going within each day and seeking Yourself. A good question to ask us can be “Who am I?” (Who am I?)

Goodbye for this time Beloved People on Earth.

Your friend Vivamus (sanat Kumara)

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» Source » Channel: Kirstin Sisilla