Newt Gingrich Says Democrats Are ‘Owned By People Who Are Financed By George Soros’

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcom“All of these Democrats are now basically owned by the left. They are not going to pick any fights. They are owned by people who are financed by George Soros,” Gingrich said during an interview with Fox & Friends.

Gingrich added that the political division in America represents “a war between two worlds,” adding that “It’s not a normal presidential election.”

The former speaker noted that local leaders and district attorneys in Democrat-controlled cities including Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Chicago are financed by George Soros’ Open Society, and have “surrendered to criminals” and embraced “pro-criminal” policies that have led to chaos in those cities.

“In fact, they just put out a pamphlet for citizens on how to be mugged without endangering yourself because they don’t have a police force that can achieve anything anymore.” Gingrich said, referring to Minneapolis.

“We are back to the late 1960s in terms of the rising murder rates and rising crime rates,” Gingrich urged.

“The propaganda machine of the left, which used to be the news media, is going to do everything it can to hide from it, but I think the average American is beginning to realize this stuff is dangerous,” Gingrich said, adding “That’s why by three to one they don’t want to defund the police.”

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8 Replies to “Newt Gingrich Says Democrats Are ‘Owned By People Who Are Financed By George Soros’”

  1. Pronoun

    Tom, you do realize the cosmic leaches of the ” lost ones” always have a feeding frenzy on you when you spout your hateful auto-lash-out to any one close by, vaguely resembling some one who might have heard of Trump. That idea in itself should activate a gag reflex that would make most people reconsider there perspectives, unless of course they actually enjoy being fed upon and sucked dry. You are exactly where “someone” wants you to be for these purposes. If you do not grasp this it may be too late. I do send light to the world and you are included in that umbrella prayer.

  2. Tom

    Boy o boy Daedalus you are one MAGA that must be drinking the kool aid 24 7. Last week I heard Jeffrey Epstein and your Master Trump were friends for around 36 years.
    Yea Epstein had a membership at Trumps Florida country Club for 10 years. I wounder if they played with the young girls together. After all Jeffrey did get on of his sex slaves from that country club.But Trump never tells the MAGAs that part of his life.
    Also the other trump put a call in to Sheldon Adelson begging for more contribution for his campaign. Story goes he pissed off Sheldon and Sheldon might hold off giving money to your Trump. You see the republicans love to talk about George Soros giving money to the Dems. But the Republican have a rich Jew to were they kiss his ring for money.
    But you are right less the 100 days and we will see what comes about. Knowing the MAGE’S if they loss they will come out with their guns and crying it’s rigged as their master has told them. I believe Trump was claiming the same story in 2016. One thing about a lieing con they never change their story cause they think they are smarter then the people they deal with.

    1. Daedalus

      Three months left, Tom … and then its up to you to keep living in dellusion or to hard swallow a red pill.

      You have bound yourself completely to the ship thats sinking ( DNC ) and noone can untie you except yourself now. You have bound yourself to the poli-ticks.

      1. Peaches

        Thank you for sharing article. I notice democrats never have facts, just intimidation because that’s what their highly paid overlords do to them. And they bully others for zero pay what-so-ever, democrats merely reacting to being bullied so then they bully others.

        1. Daedalus

          This is not my article – it was shared here by EraOfLight.

          Democrats are in deep dellusion and time is working very much against them. Just like Tom’s response shows above – its bunch of incoherent and unproven nonsense.

          They will have three months to come to terms, and then they will have a choice – reconcile and reedem learning the truth … or completely lose the control and go into full lunacy. This has a chance to cost even some of them their own lives.

          Every intimidation, bullying and mockery they do now works against them directly because theyre having less and less people inclined to offer them a helping hand at one point in future.

        2. Tom

          Better look at your self Peaches! You the one who backs a liar con man and the biggest bullshite artist.
          Trump has made us a 3rd world country. But like all good dictators his family makes millions from selling off the country.Just Saturday he told us he would get rid of social security if he wins a 2nd term. Which would hurt millions in this country.By the way were is Trumps health care bill!!!!!! He stated he would show us it in 2 weeks that was 20 days ago. Another lie from the con man

          You Magas are fools you believe Q and the con man I will pray for you.

          1. Daedalus

            Tom, your obsession with Trump is shown almost every single time when there is Trump mentioned – and many times even when article has no connection to Trump whatsoever …

            So, youre literally obsessed in your mind with Trump 24/7.

            80-90 % of your comments here are literally hate for Trump …

            Why should anyone take any of your comments seriously and constructively, when you majorly spout hate and gibberish ?