The New Source Codes Have Been Installed

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomA Gift from Gaia is BACK online after a few weeks of deep transitioning and dissolving the last fragments of an old paradigm. The new Source Codes have been installed and it’s time to bring some incredibly important navigational data to assist those now choosing to come online/align also.

Albeit it is very obvious that the chosen or choosers are still active in small numbers simply because most of the weight is still very focused on manifesting our societal breakdown/breakthrough and choosing to be a part of the collateral damage so to speak.

Since the recent transitions, you may notice some of the new paradigm narrative being different, so when the reference of weight is present what this explains can perhaps be more easily understood as human inhabitants, the unaware collective.

Many, since the Great Awakening hit crucial octaves earlier this year and have taken it upon themselves to present and vocalise the ancient corruption, acting as speakers, sound distributors that are ultimately sending shockwaves from their core frequency and manifesting profoundly to assist in the structural collapse and so speeding up the apparent shared reality experience as we would expect to see if we were to look at our positioning on the “sine of time”. (see below)

We are what we speak, therefore we are building the reality with every word. So, in simple terms, if we believe we are speaking the breakdown then we are most definitely unaware of how we build reality experiences, our connection with the All is far simpler and super precise. The field of creation feeds from the feel and the topic, so if we are against something this becomes a powerful creative force, therefore if we are against corruption we are in fact in support of corruption until we have mastered the mirrored world and are adept at frequency control and conscious conversation.

So when we are in resistance, this presents as a powerful construction site to present back your most important desires, the field only wants to give back to you what you desire most, so if your topic of conversation is being against, being an activist, being a speaker, being in resistance then your wish becomes your command and the reality forms to support this.

We are yet to see the reverberations from the BLM movement from this year, but as this is an ancient loop that we experience what we do know is the next experience intensifies.

Collectively this patterning and learning curve is super important for our race and the realignment with Gaia however it is also utterly senseless to the physical structure, or physical vessel of the speaker as it replicates the suicide template. The frequency, or as the beLIEf instructs these speakers to “spread awareness” this ultimately begins deconstructing the DNA as a reflection of the weight that is now in reduction.

Each speaker shows to be part of the dissolution of the old paradigm and so with this, and especially as we now enter the more intense clear up energies of the second half of this year the dis-ease begins to progress through at faster speeds, manifesting as aches, pains, sickness, disorders and complete breakdowns of the mental and physical fields.

Choosing to be a part of the deconstruction is ultimately a vital role, and the instructions for this were written more recently in the scripture of Jesus Christ with the almighty saviour codes running through heavily. Hanging on the cross, self-sacrifice in the name of love and light – utter nonsense and highly karmic, as the return of the saviour story tells us (karmic recycling). This story/template led many over thousands of years to sit in wait (weight) for the return (karmic recycling) which was incredibly important for the patriarchal coding to keep the dark experience of control and dulling down in place. Interesting when you begin to read the Source Codes as they were intended, instructions of how to heal through disallowing the codes, and seeing the scripture as a creation to steer away from the rocks as opposed to guiding into the rocks, hence the lighthouse analogy we are all very aware of.

I encourage each to begin feeling into the translations and to feel into the times in which these were translated, what was the agenda of the times, considering the point we were on the sine of time. This view has the ability to rip through so much of the beLIEf systems and programming held.

So, with the Age of Pisces now rapidly dissolving this story now becomes spent which is the entire purpose of the Great Awakening, and with this we begin to fully understand the Aquarian Codes, which is ultimately the space in time that looks back on, or in opposition to the Leo Age of when the last of the matriarchal light become small and dormant from our interference and experiments of dimensional adjustments here on Earth.

We could say, these dark ages, the trip down through the octaves on the sine of time, the devolution of man IS the experiment but what is most wonderful and interesting is that due to the nature of this experiment, what is now evident within our genetic coding appears like an alarm clock sounding to assist us with the most intricate part of our journey through the bending of time so that we can ascend once again.

We are at a point in which we are now being alerted from within to begin to realise and awaken to the truth of the ancient patterning in which we now receive the correct coding to reawaken The Firsts from the inside of our core, and the light/purpose is evidently being switched back on if you will, although the truth is it was never actually switched off or snuffed out, it simply existed in the seed crystal of our hearts like a pilot flame waiting for the request to ignite and repower the system.

What an amazing experience this has all been!

Through this journeying we have learned exactly what does not align, which is the exact same pattern of our personal awakening experience that returns us to our perfect pure state and through this experience we can now begin creating a system or network that can and will align with our core/earth. We are now able to fully harmonise with Gaia’s Source Codes that will now break down the karmic restraints of time itself, meaning we are timeless, limitless and free of all karmic bondage.

The old is now spent, never required to be experienced again, as I said, this is simply a pattern that we recognise from our own personal transitions and so the alignment shows us the familiar patterns of as above so below, as within so without, the micro and the macro, a fractal pattern.

The more personal we make this, the more painfilled the experience. The more duality shared into the field of creation the more we all get to witness exactly how powerful we are and how the weight is currently dominating the experience we collectively live within.

Every word shared is a building block that forms our individual and therefore collective reality and we are most definitely witnessing the increase of corruption, viruses and disorder whilst everyone learns the difference between the old and new paradigms, but on the lighter side we can see clearly the necessity so that the dissolution can remove the fractals until The Firsts are all that remain and we get to ultimately experience the flip side of the upward climb of the sine.

This is the pattern of how we now continue our movement, so in terms of reporting I feel it is likely we will recap and tweak the point and purpose in every report before looking at the shifts present in the celestial map, I also feel this is important as much of the collective is now resonating with the Leo Age as they recognise the Lions Gate Portal, this is something A Gift from Gaia feels is misaligned somewhat as when we look to the skies we find our sun sitting in the 22nd degree of Cancer as opposed to the Leo placement that the western astrology suggests, whilst this may well be a misalignment its unnecessary to fall into the duality right wrong perspectives simply because the truth is, there is a huge misalignment in the old paradigm hence the Great Awakening so this information is a super gift that gives us the insights and abilities to expand our view and reset our circuitry into a more open observatory, something more health filled that also may well dissolve some of the beLIEf structures that the collective like to follow blindly, just programming and nothing worth making personal.

In fact, when looking at the positioning of the celestial bodies in the astro map there is nothing currently in Leo…

But of course if we choose to look at the Western or modern astrology which became out of sync (super symbolic and also apparent, lets not dismiss) approximately 2000 years ago due to the precision of the equinoxes in which modern astrology doesn’t account for, then we will find in Leo the Sun at 16 degrees, Mercury at 7 degrees, and the mystery that is Vulkan at 1 degree.

Also the date significance is also interesting as the calendar we use is not the same as what was used during the times in which the pyramids were built, PLUS we missed an entire year when we switched ages….its all rather messy and misaligned now but as I said, this gives us a beautiful reflection of the core frequency and the misalignments within our circuitry, and when we realise there is room to realign then all that this tells us is there is more magnificence to move into – The Gift!

What is interesting is that from August 15-16 the helical rising of Sirius becomes a morning star. This is something our ancients looked out for and noted it as the Dog Days which equates for periods of less activity. Some say stagnation but this translation can be expanded upon and received in higher octaves should we move into the observatory and introspection space, meaning this is a time of great redesign of the interior kind, should you choose to use the energy in this way what will be received is a notable shift, a spectrum collapse that will ultimately aid in the tsunami of change that is scheduled to begin in the days ahead. I will cover this more as we approach but ultimately relates to the power energy that we see in the alignment of Mars and Saturn in a square position.

In ancient times the dog days were ultimately the days of hot summers so the reference markers were things such as droughts, heat, sudden storms, lethargy, FEVER and mad dogs, there is also reference to bad luck but considering we have outgrown this narrative of bad and luck what we can align to is the wisdom that the Sirius helical rising opens portals within the collective for great transformation and I am receiving the word “catalyst” to describe.

Please note that FEVER was highlighted because of the current viral situations and this is pointing to a flare up – something that was seeded earlier this year when those who govern our lands chose to tell everyone about a second wave – albeit this is simply a translation of ultimate truth, there will be wave after wave after wave of change until all has been washed out to sea and the fresh new lands are free for us to rebuild once again.

So, in terms of the lions gate portal and in understanding the switch that took place during the Age of Leo whilst knowing the misalignment I feel the mirror reflection of this teaches us of the trigger effect, or mirror effect that now activates within the collective unconscious. What we will see is the Speakers get louder, the distortions splay out for MORE to witness and therefore awaken to their choices to become a lighter and more active conduit that holds super purpose for the journey we now take to pull up as we traverse the bend of the sine of time.

What is also apparent today and I feel far more beneficial is something super precise and direct as our Sun in orb with Pollux at 23 degrees cancer, full alignment being tomorrow but still, as with energy there are no walls and boundaries it’s a fade in and fade out process and the tide is most definitely heading in.

The Sun is releasing solar flares of C Class power which in the grand scheme is relatively minor however considering we are not yet acclimatised to the energy due to the 2 year pocket of this current solar minimum we will feel the energy powerfully, hitting the emotional body (Cancer) from where the Sun is currently placed as per our view looking up into the skies.

Cancer represents “I Feel” and some keywords for Cancer are as follows:

Nurturer – Sentimental – – Osmosis – Smothering – Sympathetic – Vulnerable – Maternal – Hording – Moody – Insecure – Intuitive but also Instinctive – Hard Shell as the picture of the crab – EmPATHETIC – Easily Offended – Defence – Protective……these are just a few, spend some time getting to know the Crab of our Stars and this will paint your personal picture as to how this manifests and plays out within your reality.

What I can say is that the theme of these past waves have been hitting the value, self-worth and vulnerability chords within current awakeners so we can continue to expect great results should we focus on the surrender and allow the gift of leaning into these emotions to retrieve all the data of the current unconscious blockages.

Ultimately the injection of a flare holds no other purpose than to enlighten, however those learning about the programming receive the reflection of the dis-ease and uncomfortableness held from the old paradigm beLIEf structures that create the unconscious reality experiences which means it tends to get agitated during flares and solar winds, but do not lose sight of the point and purpose, this is activating energy TO release us from the old. Use it wisely and the gifts are extraordinary in terms of the quantum shifts available.

When we add to this the energy of Pollux we note that the energy holds the tones of the “Heartless Judge”, contemplative speculation, audacity, ruin, disgrace and death which speaks nothing but super energy supporting incredible transition, through using the mirrors and reflections of our truth, or core frequency presentations we create within our fields. Pollux also guides us into astrology and learning to read the astro maps for the purpose of collective evolution and so with the reflections now appearing perhaps now really is a good time to give the gift of understanding the All and learn to receive the gift of confirmation/reflection that the planets provide. There really shouldn’t be anything or One clueless nowadays! Its always been written in the stars as they say.

How each responds to the energy individually is simply perfect for their personal requirement, some may feel the body become super heavy whereas some feel super light, some may feel a huge influx of data whilst some may feel cut off and disconnected, likewise some may feel zippy and happy and some may feel super agitated and sad, the point is ALL receive the injection od Source Codes that are ultimately manifesting and creating your reality experience faster than normal which aids us in seeing where we need to release or expand.

Nothing is a symptom, and everything is data or a symbol giving direction FOR you to receive.

One thing to be sure of is watch that monkey mind, whatever you are wishing for on that deepest level is now forming and heading in.

Its been an utter delight coming back to energy reporting on these amazing tones, it is super busy behind the scenes at A Gift from Gaia as we have so much movement including a complete revamp of the website!

We are returning to the old logo, with of course a fresh new twist! There is a super collaboration coming into The Alignment Program and I have a number of new gifts to share with you all, and so I thank you for your patience whilst I took a break for the transition.

I will share more as we go but my want is to improve your current experience and assist your journey in becoming A Gift from Gaia too, making it a whole lot more simple and easier to follow.

See you soon sonic surfers!


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