Issues 2

Here’s the problem; WordPress, like many other platforms, every now and then feels the need to “fix” things that are not broken, by randomly deciding to “update” their platform with stupid ideas, which make the entire sharing experience more limiting, frustrating, and very unpleasant. That is why the “posting” option was not functioning yesterday and earlier today. Now that it does work, it is quite difficult to navigate with the irrelevant update. It’ll take a while for me to get used to it.

7 Replies to “Issues 2”

  1. Jimipickle

    We are overpowering. Send the beast love too…without it, we cannot meet. Pay the queen some love…love All, infinity

  2. cloudradio3711

    To feel better about itself, software demands upgrades from time to time that makes long time users feel as if their brains escaped and can no longer be found.

    Upgrades make users feel STUPID.

    Thanks, upgrades.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      I have no problem with upgrades on anything when they are actually helpful, and needed.

  3. Anita J

    Change is in the air and when it rains it must pour🤷‍♀️Love&Light to see you thru it💖