Expanding Love

angelic being eraoflightdotcomOur magnificence is the most amazing life secret hidden in plain sight, simply awaiting our conscious recognition. Each of us are brilliant creator beings endowed with all the necessary attributes to formulate dreams and manifest them. We are animated with love and capable of expressing the fullness of our potential with every thought, feeling, word, and deed. Sharing the atomic elements delivered from the stars, we intimately interconnect with every particle of life on our precious planet and beyond. More than just an individual amalgamation of cells comprising a body, we are living, thriving and miraculous contributors to the expansion of life itself.

We are forever continuing to evolve, grow and transform our world through each thought and choice we make and action we take. It is through our thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions that we set the primordial forces into motion that bring together our personal and collective reality. Tuning within to our heart, we infuse our choices with kindness, compassion, generosity and benevolence. Knowing that life is always flowing to us and through us, we align with our inner wisdom and create beauty and harmony in all we do. This is our true nature and purest potential.

The corporeal world we are here to enjoy and play in also gives us the illusion that we are somehow separate from it. In this intricate dance of life, the material aspect feels so solid and real that we tend to identify and rely upon it. Over time, we came to believe the external reality we are interacting with is mightier than our imaginative capacity to create consciously.

Sharing our individual stories and perspectives with one another, we took on each other’s views and interpretations of experiences as if they were our own. Passing these stories along through countless generations, we frequently and unwittingly built limiting narratives around the actions and reactions of past expressions, steadily diminishing our innate brilliance. These eventually morphed into a collective consensus of many constricting and conflicting cultural ideals, beliefs and attitudes, never realizing we personally have the power to create our own experience anew in each moment.

We qualify the energy of life with our intentions through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits. When we are present in the moment and aware of our inherent love, we are proactive and imbue our imagination and creations in uplifting, positive and inspiring ways. Our heart-centered approach benefits all, allowing life to continue to expand.

When we feel separate from the whole, we are reactive to outer conditions, suggestions and appearances. In turn, our actions tend to constrict our energy flow, using our imagination in negative and potentially destructive ways. We express these limitations as greed, hate, envy, bigotry, anger, lust, and the like. There is value in this contrast as it affords us the opportunity to become keenly aware of where we are personally focusing our attention, and whether we are filling our imagination with fear or love.

It is time to remember just how precious and grand we are. Joy is our birthright and love is our journey. As a presence of love, we are here to expand life in infinite ways.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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