Twitter Censors Trump Tweet About ‘Voter Security Disaster’

justnews eraoflightdotcomTwitter hid another tweet from President Donald Trump behind a warning label earlier today, the latest in a string of censorship against the President that the platform has taken this year.

Earlier today, President Trump tweeted that mail drop boxes are a “voter security disaster,” that allow people to vote multiple times. The president also warned that the mailboxes are not sanitized to prevent the spread of the Chinese virus.

Jack Dorsey’s company has now hidden the tweet behind a filter, warning users about “misinformation.” Users who attempt to view the message on Twitter will see the following message:

“This tweet violated the Twitter Rules about civil and election integrity. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

This is just the latest in many acts of censorship that Twitter has taken against President Trump’s account this year.

In May, Twitter added “fact check” labels to tweets from President Trump warning voters about the potential for fraud in mail-in ballots. The decision came just days after a USPS mail carrier in West Virginia was charged with fraud for tampering with vote-by-mail requests.

During the Minneapolis riots, Twitter again censored one of the President’s tweets, falsely accusing him of “glorifying violence” over a tweet that linked rioting to gun violence.

The month after, Twitter put a “public interest notice” on one of Trump’s tweets warning that violent rioters outside the White House would be met with force, accusing him of “threatening harm against an identifiable group.”

In July, Twitter took down a meme retweeted by the President in response to a copyright claim by the New York Times, despite the fact that the image was substantially edited.

And earlier this month, Twitter took down a Fox & Friends interview with the President, accusing Trump of spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19.

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7 Replies to “Twitter Censors Trump Tweet About ‘Voter Security Disaster’”

  1. Max

    Unfortunately, Censorship is very real and is very much a social engineering tactic to maintain the deep state narrative. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google have all been active and complicit in this censorship to maintain the deep state narrative.

    Trump is another voice, whether people agree with Mr President or not, he has a right (as has every US citizen under the US Constitution) to be heard. It’s called Free Speech. Wake up!

    In my opinion, President Trump has been doing a fantastic job (that’s including the Q team! — Well done!) of waking the world up. Yes, the world is waking up!

    Ignore the air-heads who claim: Orange man bad! Really? What has he really done? Please show evidence and list away….

    We require TRUTH and FAIRNESS for all — Trump, in my opinion, is certainly heading in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

    Whatever your prejudices and preconceived bias, this is a war of GOOD Vs EVIL.

    The question is where do you stand? Trump is one of those shining a LIGHT on this.

    Get over yourself and ask yourself: Where is it I stand?

    GOD awaits your answer!

  2. Max

    The evidence against Twitter for political bias and trying to coverup the facts is now so overwhelming that they really will be in trouble.

    Taking down and stopping accounts which have pro-trump messages….

    Is it not incredible that they do not censor terrorists, violent protests by antifa and the list goes on etc.

    Twitter…justice is coming….

    1. Tom

      Sorry ANY PRO TRUMP Message is 95 percent lies we have put up with his lying for 4 years. We are tired of this broken record.

      1. bodhimoss

        Yes! And we should go one step further and prevent the president from speaking at all to anyone ever! That way you could feel safe and secure that you are being protected from the Big Scary Lying Orange Man. Course you could always just STOP LISTENING to him, but that would require a measure of maturity and self-control, adult qualities you have somehow failed to acquire. But all is not lost, Tom. You will likely have four more years in which to learn these valuable life skills. Get crackin’!

        1. Tom

          Show us what your hero has done. In 4 years you can not show us. Hers is a easy on tell us how his plan worked out for the virus. Or please tell us why he claims he is the chosen one which he has stated. Your hero has lied over and over again to the american people.
          As for the election I do not know who will win but every thing this man says is 90 percent a lie. I am sorry you drink his cool aid and tonight you can get some popcorn and drink and watch what comes out from his big mouth.I will bet it is self pity and hate. Your a small mind person if you have to put a person down that is making a point. But I know you MAGAS your all like your leader never answer the question just push hate and try to change the subject.
          Enjoy your show tonight

        2. Daedalus

          Well said, bodhimoss.

          Trump lives 24/7 in Tom’s empty head where Tom harbors only dellusional hatred and nothing else.

          Tom supports George Soros. He also supports Twitter censorship. I very much wouldnt be surprised if he did support pedophiles if they only said “Orange Man Bad”. Thats how deep their hatred goes.

          I would say, his chances and chances of those similar like him are very slim at this point. A bit more than 2 months left and then the meltdown of their massive egos begin. Some wont make it, at least not in this physical form.

  3. Tom

    I must say it about time ! This man has lied to the American public for 4 years. And gotten away with it