Remain Pillars of Light

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomBEing in neutrality is not being indifferent. It is being All and nothing at the same time without the need to judge or interFEAR and can only be maintained by being completely heart centered and seeing the HIGHER perspective not the 3D duality based distorted hologram. It allows you to be unattached to what is projected externally and to hold your focus on your heart’s inner knowing and soul’s path, thus it allows you to being in vibrational match to the timeline you wish to experience as your reality. It is no big secret, but the simple law of magnetism.

Being righteous or judgemental are attachments by ego to certain outcomes, narratives and ideas. If they are not met, the ego responds with disappointment or anger, which leads to further judgement and finger pointing. Ego points the finger back at you! You become what you judge. It is an endless loop … a string of attachments that narrows your perspective and leads to frustration. It greatly lowers your vibration and makes you out of alignment with your higher self expression. Anger is amongst the lowest vibrations and is severely destructive not least to yourself.

This time calls for each of us to remain pillars of light… to BEAR witness with a clear and focused heart intent or we will likely be pulled into the intricate good/evil duality us/versus them programming, which is escalating right now, as the inpouring waves of light are greatly magnifying lower vibrational aspects and bringing all lower frequencies to the forefront. At the same time the dismantling of the old structures is causing a backlash from the forces, that do not support the new earth thus it desperately tries to stir up separation especially amongst the light worker community of right or wrong. It is impeccable to monitor what we give our energy to and choose if and when to interact. Is it in vibrational alignment with you or not, if not move on and keep you heart focus without going into judgement. Let’s not fall into the trap of right or wrong or on what is really going on.
Keep your focus and be in vibrational match with your soul’s higher vision for the highest possible outcome for all…… breathe it, vibrate it and do not let yourself get indulged in attachments to how it is going to play out. Honor everyone’s path and inner truth. It is not for you to judge other’s choices, but solely to be in integrity with your own choices. Are they motivated by higher vibrational soul guidance or lower ego attachment projections!

Vibrating in O-point equilibrium leads to freedom and the unfoldment of your soul’s highest intent and purpose , which is always founded on the highest good of All. Being a sovereign being starts by being in full vibrational alignment with your soul’s essence and expression without being attached to any external influences or authorities of any kind. It is vital that we allow our hearts to take the lead, to trust it and allow it to express itself without fear. The voice of your heart needs to be heard more than ever. Being true to self is only possible from 0-point unattached to other people expectations or validation. It is a deep surrendering to being an instrument of divine will. As you do so you achieve divine immunity, you become the All-seeing eye of 0-point unattached to outcome. This is what is demanded of each of us as the old patrichal “FEED” and harvesting game problem–reaction–solution (PRS), has outplayed itself with great assistance from the star and earth alliances of light. We are the groundcrew and need to step up and take responsibility for our contribution to the “feed” as divine sovereigns to complete the higher plan for the highest outcome. What is your contribution read vibration to the “feed”?
This is not about none other but ONE…. all of us. And you are that ONE every single one of us. Capisci…

Now it is up to each of us to write our heart story, our soul vision for the new heaven on earth, where no one is telling us what to feel or think. Find courage and listen to your heart. The new Eden is emerging thru our unified heart vision. Being your unique essence and expressing your highest soul signature is your greatest gift to humanity and what you came here to be. To embrace it all beyond judgement. The prerequisite to ascension is to transcend all duality, period. There is no way around but in! Love can succeed where anger fails.

– Grace Solaris

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