Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar: Child Trafficking and the Deep State Are Real

did you know eraoflightdotcomGosar on Saturday shared a list of former GOP national security officials (including John Negroponte and former CIA/NSA head Michael Hayden) that journos were fawning over for endorsing Joe Biden in a large ad in the Wall Street Journal.

“A list of people who have been wrong about every national security issue for decades,” Gosar said. “We don’t need these ‘luminaries’ leading us into another needless war.”

A hero has risen.

“Child trafficking and the deep state are real, ‘systemic racism’ is a hoax.” – Rep. Paul Gosar

Child Trafficking

I can’t imagine GOP House minority leader Kevin McCarthy being too happy about this!

Too bad this man is not the House minority leader!

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2 Replies to “Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar: Child Trafficking and the Deep State Are Real”

  1. tom

    I agree their is a deep state and the members are democrats and republicans of course the republicans want the people to think it’s democrats. So lets look at it Rockefeller family are of the deep state and are republicans,Rothchild, Bush, Kissinger they are all members as many more republicans. And as for democrats their Clintons, Soross and many more. If you are wealthy you are of that mind set of all for me and screw the others. Plus the deep state goes all over the world in many country’s.

    As for the child trafficking that to has been going on around the world for many years. And now it’s a election year and Rep Paul Gosar want to bring this up. Were the hell was he years years ago he has been in office since 2010. It been in the news since 2006 I guess he was to busey doing other things.
    Well look who has sign on to Biden many republicans and let’s be clear Nam war was started by a republican, Regan start a war as did both Bushes so were does congress Gosar claim tie in to Biden and the democrats starting wars?

    Were is his head at stating racism is a hoax. I am a white man and I have seen racism first hand so Mr Gosar you are part of this country’s problem . Keep the 2 party’s fighting against each outer while you and your party write laws that help the 1 percent.